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May 7, 2007 07:53 AM

Ladyfingers in Atlanta

I am looking for ladyfingers and am 0-2 so far. Tried Kroger and Trader Joe's. I will try Whole Foods & Publix tomorrow.... does anyone know if I can find them there?

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  1. Gosh, it seems like l've seen them recently. Maybe call Star Provisions and see. Or you can order them online

    1. I actually got some at Whole Foods on Ponce this weekend in the cracker section. I am doing a Bourdain recipe.


      1. I found some at Fresh Market in the last few days - they might be more likely there than Whole Foods. What are you making? Good luck!

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          Yep - Whole Foods on Ponce regularly carries them. I made the same recipe as Rowdy a couple of months ago and that is where I got them.

          1. re: erowan

            This is going to sound awful, but a coworker hurt her finger (badly - I won't go into details as this is a cooking/eating site). She is pretty upbeat, considering, so I want to make a ladyfinger treat for her to be nice while also joking about the "finger incident".

            I will check out Fresh Market & Whole Foods - thanks for the suggestions!

          2. Thanks for your help, everyone. I found them at Whole Foods - but they weren't near the cookies or anything, they were on their own little 'sidecap' (not an endcap b/c it wasn't on the end) as if they were hiding from me, knowing I had looked all over!