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Everyday Beijing Chowdown

Last night 16 hounds had a follow up meal to enjoy the offerings at Everyday Beijing. The following are a list of the dishes we had. I will let others report before I add my comments.

Cold Dishes
Bean curd strips
Thousand year old eggs and bean curd
Marinated pig ears
Marinated slow cooked beef
Marinated slow cooked beef tendon
Marinated slow cooked pig ears

Hot Dishes
Cumin Lamb
Cod stewed wiht Beijing sauce
Fish Head Clay Pot Soup
Szechuan style eggplant
Asparagus stir fry
Garlic sauce on choy
Garlic sauce shredded pork
Fish dumplings
Shrimp and chive dumplings
Lamb dumplings
Jing Dong layered porkcake
Beijing bean paste noodles (Zha Jiang Mein)
Onion cakes

We did not order rice.

I will wait for the others to comment first.

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  1. I had a great time at Everyday Beijing eating all the dishes. My favorites are the Cod stewed with Beijing sauce, Fish Head Clay Pot Soup, Fish dumplings and Beijing bean paste noodles.

    I tried to get pictures of all the dishes but I missed out on 3 of them...sorry about that!


    1. Marinated pork (I thought this was pork but it's not on yimster's list)
    2. Marinated slow cooked pig ears
    3. Bean curd strips
    4. Thousand year old eggs and bean curd

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      5. Marinated slow cooked beef tendon
      6. Fish Head Clay Pot Soup
      7. Cumin Lamb
      8. Szechuan style eggplant

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        9. Beijing bean paste noodles (Zha Jiang Mein)
        10. Asparagus stir fry
        11. I think this was stir fry beancurd - I didn't get a chance to try it
        12. Cod stewed with Beijing sauce

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          13. Shrimp and chive dumplings
          14. Onion cakes
          15. Lamb dumplings
          16. Garlic sauce shredded pork

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        Sorry, you are right and missed one dish. I owe you one.

      3. Wow, what a feast! Thanks so much for taking care of the ordering, yimster.

        Everyday Beijing far exceeded my expectations for such a modest establishment. At most Chinese restaurants, the menu is rather hit-or-miss, with many so-so dishes interspersed with the good ones. Almost everything we ate at Everyday Beijing was delicious -- there were only a few (out of what seemed like 20) dishes that were not hits. The cold dishes especially were standouts.

        My favorites: tendon (very tender and silky), pig ears, pork cake (a bit greasy but still delectable), and dumplings.

        1. Thank goodness we didn't order rice! It was already quite a carb feast!

          Everything was wonderfully executed. I'm not usually a huge fan of Chinese cold appetizers, but I really appreciated the array of textures in the dishes we had. I'm a sucker for thousand year old egg, and I enjoyed the pairing with the soft bean curd. The "husband and wife" dishes were nicely flavored, though I still can't remember which is the husband and which is the wife! Also, I'm embarrassed to admit it: last night was my first time trying pig ear. I've always been a bit squeamish, but I was pleasantly surprised: this dish was wonderfully chewy and addictive.

          I loved the rich broth of the fish head clay pot soup. If there weren't so many other dishes to try, I would have helped myself to seconds and thirds! The bean paste noodles are a pretty ordinary dish, but what made it a cut above the usual was the nice toothsomeness of the noodles. A sign in the window said that these noodles were "house made," though Yimster noted that they use a machine.

          All of the dumplings were fresh and delicious, but the highlight for me were the lamb dumplings, which retained some savory hot juice inside. By the time the Jing Dong layered porkcake (Chinese hamburger?) arrived, I was reeling, so I didn't have any at the restaurant. I brought home a piece, though, and boy was I mad at myself for not having taken more. The leftover piece I had for lunch today was darn tasty!

          All in all, I'm looking forward to going back soon. I think any one or two of the dishes would make a satisfying meal on its own.

          Many thanks to Yimster and Marlon for organizing another memorable feast! And it was a pleasure to have such lovely company.

          1. The company was great! Thanks to Yimster for ordering many special (not on the menu) dishes and then some!!! I just had the last left-over dumplings, one of my favorite dishes. The other was an unusual dish from Shandong province, the garlic sauce shredded pork which was sweet and tangy with a great consistency.

            My other likes:

            Cold Dishes
            Bean curd strips
            Thousand year old eggs and bean curd, I liked it very much and had never tasted this combination
            Marinated slow cooked beef tendon

            Hot Dishes
            Cumin Lamb, a bit spicy for me
            Cod stewed with Beijing sauce was amazing but cod is a bit bony...
            Fish Head Clay Pot Soup, one of the highlights in our table.
            Garlic sauce on choy, this is the peak season!
            Garlic sauce shredded pork, please try it!
            Shrimp and chive dumplings (allergic to shrimp)
            Lamb dumplings (just ate the last one)
            Jing Dong layered porkcake, great taste but these tend to be greasy. Here less than other places.

            As can be seen we had a banquet that was very well worth our trip from Berkeley! Thanks again to everyone that came to the event. I am happy to see many more chowdowns starting to occur again.

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              I just tried Everyday Beijing on Mother's Day. All eight of us enjoyed the food. Thanks for the recommendation. They had a special Fish and Chive dumpling rather than the one with shrimp. The owner specifically said that we must try them and was so sure that we would like them that he said that if we didn't like them he would eat them! Too cute. Of course the Fish dumplings were so tasty and had a lovely texture. If you are in San Mateo, stop by and get a plate of these special dumplings!

            2. Well here is my two cents, when I set up the dinner I spoke to the wife who speak English very well. I asked that I had read that she was from Shangdong and the husband was from Beijing. My question was where was the chef from. I was told the Chef was from Shangdong and the husband made the noodles dishes.

              I asked if we could have some fresh seafood dishes not normally served.

              I asked for the claypot fish head soup and braised (stewed) fish. The fish dish was to have been crap tail, but on this day it was not fresh I had told the owners get the best available fresh fish.

              My favorite dishes was the garlic sauce shredded pork (it came out when I was completely full), the cold dishes which were very fresh that day. The dishes with a little age will be more flavor full but tougher.

              The only dish which I did not eat any was the Jing Dong layered pancake which arrive at the end and was a little oily and I did not have any at the time. But for lunch the next day it was good.

              The lamb dumpling had a real strong lamb flavor which it did not have the first time I had it.

              The only thing better at a chowdown is meeting new hounds.

              1. Lord, there was SO much food...

                Of the cold dishes, the bean curd strips and beef tendon were my favorites.

                The only dish that didn't thrill me of the hot ones was the shredded pork. The texture wasn't to my liking. It involved chewing, chewing and even more chewing. It seemed to keep the same amount of mass in my mouth no matter how much I chewed. It was like continually working over the same piece of gum for too long. I thought the eggplant was merely good compared to the other dishes. After trying it for a second time, the porkcakes are simply too rich for more than 2 bites.

                The rest of the hot dishes were just terrific. However, if I had to choose one, it would be the fish head soup.

                Yimster and Marlon, thanks for organizing this!

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                1. re: Larry Stein

                  for the uninitiated...where is this lovely sounding place?

                  1. re: sfoperalover

                    Everyday Beijing
                    637 South B Street (X 7th Ave)
                    San Mateo

                    Based on the listing/recommendations above from CHers, my brothers and I are going to take my Mom out for a Mother's Day dinner. I love hand stretched noodles and dumplings! Yum.

                2. Thanks to Yimster and Marlon for arranging this event. Though there certainly was an enormous amount of food presented, only a few of those dishes truly delighted my palate. These were the pig ear strips with their crunchy texture, the thousand year egg/tofu combo with the tofu mollifying the strong ammonia flavor of the eggs,and the lamb dumplings whose intense lamb flavor brought to mind a similarity in taste and texture to some sauteed lamb testicles I had at a Lebanese restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn NY many years ago. The fish head soup was flavorful, but my portion included two huge bony segments devoid of any fish flesh. A thoughtful chef, I would have expected, would have removed those bones before serving. The stewed cod, too, was particularly bony requiring deft fingerwork to separate the edible from the inedible. It was a hot evening, and the servers did continually replenish the huge pitchers of water on our table. I, myself, must have consumed more than one of them. I was disappointed there were no poultry items served. I had hoped for some duck. Since I seem to be in a complaining mood I might as well add one other. I detest dining with paper napkins....so much so that I keep a cloth napkin in my car just for occasions like this chowdown where paper napkins were the only option. The best part of the meal for me was the charming company of the folks at my table.

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                    Not to be a wise guy but removing the bones from almost anything is not the way Chinese like to eat there food. My Father used eat all the Chickne wings and Fish Heads all the while tell me that best part of being Dad was he got the best stuff :>)

                    In the thinking a lot of old school Chinese they like bones on their meat.

                    My piece of fish head had wonderful pieces of cartridge and small pieces and fried meat. Since we had a table between us you did not see me sucking all the flavor from teh bones. The same for the stewed cod. The bones helps to keep the fish from being overcooked.

                    I full agree about cloth napkins. Paper napkins were never my thing.

                  2. Another vote for the beef tendon (just-right chewy, perfectly seasoned with a bit of what tasted like sesame oil), the fish head soup (broth sublime) and the dumplings (especially the lamb, wonderful xlb-like explosion in the mouth). Cold dishes were a fine opening on a balmy day--who but a group of chowhounds would find marinated pig's ears refreshing? I found the onion cake bland and doughy, the layered porkcake too heavy. Service was good. Dishes came out in well-timed sequence, although there were so many of them that they continued pouring out of the kitchen and piling up on the table long past the point of well-fed; felt like Lucy trying to keep up while working on the candymaker's assembly line.
                    Thanks to Marlon and Yimster for hosting and to Yimster for a wonderful menu.