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May 7, 2007 07:24 AM

Few hours in SF this weekend-suggestions?

Chicago CH has a few hours to kill on Monday afternoon/night and we are looking for a good place to have dinner. We thought Chinatown, but are open to almost anything. We will be by the airport in the afternoon, but will be heading to San Jose after dinner to catch a flight home. Any suggestions would be helpful. We have both been to SF before, but it's been a long time. We would rather stay away from touristy for dinner, but will probably do a "drive by" of some of the sites- so out of the way places probably will be avoided.

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  1. Since it is now Monday and you don't appear to have reservations, my suggestion would be to surf on over to and see what you can get into on short notice.

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      Sorry, NEXT Monday, not today. I am sure that makes a difference

    2. Just a warning to give yourself enough time to get to the SJ Airport. Rush hour from 4-7 pm can be slow-going ... in a number of spots ... I'd drive down 280 rather than 101 for a prettier ride ... the resevoir at the Half Moon Bay cut off is right on the San Andreas fault ... ok, corny, but growing up on the East Coast I always find that interesting. Still traffic, but prettier ride.

      That's a pretty broad request and it might be a help to look at the very many visitor requests on the board ... but here's a few ... I'm not sure what time you plan to eat.

      Chinatown - Henry's Hunan ... pretty reliable and nice enough open all day. R&G lounge ... known for salt & pepper dishes especially the crab also open all day. Chef Jia ... depends how much of a challenge you want. Only open for dinner. The House ... highly regarded Asian-fusion on the border of Chinatown where North Beach starts. closed between lunch and dinner hours. Stop by Golden Gate Bakery for some egg tarts and baked bbq pork buns to snack on later.

      In a different part of the city you could eat at Slanted Door in the Ferry Building with upscale Vietnamese and a view of the Bay. Nice chance to check out the other places in Ferry Plaza.

      All of the above have tons of posts on the board. Hope you report back about where you ate.