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May 7, 2007 07:12 AM

Making a good roux?

I came across some good lump crabmeat over the weekend and already had shrimp in the freezer so I decided to make a gumbo. Everything turned out great but it never really thickened like it should. Can anyone give me advice on how much roux to make to properly thicken 2 quarts of stock.

I used 1/2cup flour (sorry for the spelling) and 1/2 cup oil and 2 quarts shrimp stock.

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  1. don't know how much other liquid you put in there, (tomato product...) but that is twice the amount of roux you need for 2 qts of stock. is it possible you didn't cook the roux long enough for it to come together? if you did, and had that much roux, the thing would have been like plaster of paris.

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      I'm hoping he didn't put ANY tomatoes in the gumbo. To me, a gumbo should never have tomatoes. But to each his own...

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      1. Hey dark did you cook that roux? The darker the roux, the lower the thickening power. So if you like your roux as dark as coffee, you need more of it than if it is the color of peanut butter. In addition, if your gumbo is too thin, keep simmering without a lid. You can thicken it a little more through reduction.

        1. I use unsalted butter, not oil when making a roux.

          1. YOUX, TOUX, CAN DOUX A ROUX!

            sorry everyone-- i have wanted to do that for SO long!

            a blonde roux will have greater thickening power than a longer cooked (imo more authentic tasting) dark peanut-butter-colored, or even better, a red-brown roux, cooked 45 mins or more. how long did your roux cook-- also you did not mention how many okra you used in your gumbo recipe, or if you used any file (with an accent mark over the e **feeLAY**) powder (dried sassafrass), both of these ingredients are traditional thickeners of gumbo.

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