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May 7, 2007 06:57 AM

Lobster roll - Kimball Farm in Jaffrey

Did my first hike of the year on Sunday, up Monadnock, and later stopped in to Kimball Farm in Jaffrey, NH for a late lunch - Happily, they were open (It's a seasonal place I believe) and jumping - and they were serving their lobster rolls...They have other fried goodies, burgers and dogs, and ice cream but I can't not get the lobster roll...

Comes in a toasted split-top hot dog bun, filled with big pieces of lobster well above the bun line and just enough mayo to make it celery or other fillers - with a side of waffle fries and a slice of watermelon for $12.99. Sitting in the sun at one of the picnic benches is great treat for completing the hike.

Also, please do not confuse this with the Kimball Farm in MA - they are loosely affiliated, but from what I understand, the MA farm is a poor chow experience...

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  1. That's an amazing deal, even before this time of lobster shortages.

    1. I love Kimball Farm in Jaffrey--their burgers are good too. An added bonus is watching little planes take off from Silver Ranch's airfield next door.

      1. My husband's pilot club makes an annual trip to Jaffery from Long Island, NY for the lobster rolls and ice cream. Kids get a big kick out of following the ice cream cones from the airport to the restaurant.

        1. They aren't loosely related -- they are owned by the same people.
          If you're referring to the Luncheon Grille at the Westford, MA location, then, yes, the food isn't the same -- the Jaffrey location is the only one that has a full fledged restaurant, and their website dictates that.

          From a non-ice-cream standpoint, yes, Kimball Farm in Westford, MA is a poor chow experience (and overpriced), but from an ice cream standpoint, I'd beg to differ -- they have great ice cream down there, as I imagine they do up in Jaffrey.

          While I haven't been to the Jaffrey location, and can't comment specifically on the ice cream first hand, I would imagine that the ice cream up there is the same stuff that they make down in Westford (I'm guessing that they make the Ice Cream down in Westford, and truck it up to Jaffrey).

          1. Kimball Farm in Jaffrey is one of my favorites. We go there several times a year. And having been to the MA locations, the ice cream is the same.

            And, like whs, I know several pilots that make it a point to fly there and get lunch and ice cream.