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Lobster roll - Kimball Farm in Jaffrey

Did my first hike of the year on Sunday, up Monadnock, and later stopped in to Kimball Farm in Jaffrey, NH for a late lunch - Happily, they were open (It's a seasonal place I believe) and jumping - and they were serving their lobster rolls...They have other fried goodies, burgers and dogs, and ice cream but I can't not get the lobster roll...

Comes in a toasted split-top hot dog bun, filled with big pieces of lobster well above the bun line and just enough mayo to make it stick...no celery or other fillers - with a side of waffle fries and a slice of watermelon for $12.99. Sitting in the sun at one of the picnic benches is great treat for completing the hike.

Also, please do not confuse this with the Kimball Farm in MA - they are loosely affiliated, but from what I understand, the MA farm is a poor chow experience...

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  1. That's an amazing deal, even before this time of lobster shortages.

    1. I love Kimball Farm in Jaffrey--their burgers are good too. An added bonus is watching little planes take off from Silver Ranch's airfield next door.

      1. My husband's pilot club makes an annual trip to Jaffery from Long Island, NY for the lobster rolls and ice cream. Kids get a big kick out of following the ice cream cones from the airport to the restaurant.

        1. They aren't loosely related -- they are owned by the same people.
          If you're referring to the Luncheon Grille at the Westford, MA location, then, yes, the food isn't the same -- the Jaffrey location is the only one that has a full fledged restaurant, and their website dictates that.

          From a non-ice-cream standpoint, yes, Kimball Farm in Westford, MA is a poor chow experience (and overpriced), but from an ice cream standpoint, I'd beg to differ -- they have great ice cream down there, as I imagine they do up in Jaffrey.

          While I haven't been to the Jaffrey location, and can't comment specifically on the ice cream first hand, I would imagine that the ice cream up there is the same stuff that they make down in Westford (I'm guessing that they make the Ice Cream down in Westford, and truck it up to Jaffrey).

          1. Kimball Farm in Jaffrey is one of my favorites. We go there several times a year. And having been to the MA locations, the ice cream is the same.

            And, like whs, I know several pilots that make it a point to fly there and get lunch and ice cream.

            1. Sounds tasty ! But think of the cholesterol and transfats in fried foods ! Scary. Brookline's now transfat-free-how untasty will that be????????????

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                It all depends on what type of oil they use. Kimball's advertises "100% vegetable oil" which doesnt tell the whole story. Depends if it is partially hydrgenated or not. Many oils such as Canola contain no transfats

              2. I ate there this weekend and thought the food was decent, I didn't find the ice cream to be that great. Just because you have a huge cup doesn't make it tasty...

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                  I agree. Kimballs was NEVER known for quality - they are known for quantity. Give me an average-size cup of good quality ice cream any day over a monstrous-sized serving of pedestrian-quality ice cream. It is my understanding they don't even make their own ice cream anymore and haven't in years. They buy the ice cream base and then do their thing with it.

                2. The lobster roll at Kimball Farm is now $14.50!
                  Had one at Markley's Lobster Pound, Seabrook, at 12.50. Definitely all lobster, a bit small, but still good. Fish chowder was watery and not good enough at $3.50 for a small cup. Crab cakes were tasty, though not too much crab taste was detected.

                  Dunlap's ice cream next door is actually Richardson's, though not indicated.

                  1. Personally I cannot STAND that place. I once ordered frozen pudding, and it came out ALCOHOLIC based! I was obviously very pregnant at the time and said "What the hell is this?" and the girl behind the counter said and I quote. "Duh lady, its what you ordered," I said I wanted frozen pudding (thinking it was like a pudding pop tasting ice cream) Oh no, tis alcoholic! I said I didn't want it, as it was not told to me that it was booze laden. She said I could have another ice cream if I wanted to pay for it! Never again... never ever ever again.

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                      I was not aware they even had a liquor license - that could make my stops there a lot more exciting!

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                        No, the icecream was made with some brandy in it I think, the taste was VERY overpowering, almost noxious. Nine month pregnant women and boozy icecream... not a good mix.

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                          Frozen Pudding ice cream has bits of fruit and typically rum extract. I doubt you need a liquor license for rum extract anymore then you do for vanilla extract but both do have some alcohol content but mostly the flavor. Its a traditional new england flavor. You could use real rum, but i doubt they do. Its sorta like fruitcake ice cream in a way.

                          They should have gave you a new ice cream though but in all fairness this is what the flavor is supposed to be and you did order it and didnt ask. It would have been more insulting if you really did know what it was and wanted it, and a 14 year old girl told you that you shouldnt! But again, she should have replaced it once you realized it.

                          Like any big ice cream place, the scoopers are mostly high school kids on summer break. They also have kahlua chip ice cream , sometime Guiness, and likely others with liquor flavor.

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                            actually, I DID ask if it was really frozen "pudding", and they said yes. I am not an ice cream connoisseur by any means,in fact I rarely if ever have anything sweet in my day to day life, but pregnant women will usually eat anything not nailed down... except frozen booze.

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                              lol i will eat anything not nailed down and im not a woman or pregnant! personally i think its a dumb name for a flavor but it is what it is! I dont think they have it in other parts of the country.

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                                My experience is the same as Hargau. Growing up I remember that Brighams had frozen pudding ice cream - the most hideous stuff. It is a stupid and deceptive name and I can see why someone would think that it might actually taste like what we think of as pudding.

                                1. re: laulauman

                                  Frozen pudding is a very old flavor. I can remember my father ordering it over 40 years ago and I can remember not liking it back then because of the brandy flavor. However, when I see it on the menu I like to get it because now I love it. Arnie's in Concord's isn't as good as Merrivale's on Rt 3A near Manchester NH. I love the boozey flavor, the rummier, the better. High school kids probably don't even know pregnant women shouldn't have alcohol. If there's not a line behind me and I'm curious about a flavor, most places will give me a tasting spoonful. The only ice cream I ever threw away was bubblegum flavor. Sounds like that high school kid needs more training. Sorry you had a bad experience.

                              2. re: gryphonskeeper

                                I am sure there was no real alcohol in it and I would have told the manager you simply didn't like it (or that a pregnant woman shouldn't have alcohol)...I'd be surprised if they didn't let you have another one. (also you can taste ice cream before you order it...)

                                But...$14.50 (or .95) for a lobster roll???!!!

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                                  Did you ask if it was really frozen pudding, or did you ask if it was really pudding that's frozen? How you ask the question makes a big difference.

                        2. I may not be a connoisseur of ice cream, but I've had it from one end of this country to the other. Throughout the years, Kimballs has been consistantly the best icecream, bar none! I very seldom will eat anyone elses. There are three locations and they are all owned by the same outfit. Kimballs in Westford, MA is a great location to take the kids. They have several offerings that make it a great location to spend a Sunday afternoon. http://www.kimballfarm.com/contact.html

                          1. Coming from Kimball Farm Management, just to provide an official clarification, Kimball Farm has been a family owned and run business since 1939. Westford, Mass is the original location and they continue to make their own ice cream today with the original recipe from 1939 in Westford and is then trucked to the other two locations multiple times a week. When the current owners took over the business, they purchased Bates Farm of Carlisle, MA in 1986 and Silver Ranch of Jaffrey, NH in 1995 both of which maintain the Kimball Farm name. The current owners have always maintained their grandfather's mentality of "large quantities and great quality at a fair price". The only part of Kimball Farm that remains open year round is the Country Store in Westford, otherwise the season goes from April through October for ice cream, golf, and food. The only ice creams that contain alcohol are Rum Raisin (featured flavor) and Kahlua Crunch. There is no alcohol in Frozen Pudding, which is one of the original 12 flavors served in 1939 and remains on the menu today. If you have questions about how our ice cream is made, you can call the Westford location from 8-5 Monday through Friday.

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                              Is it still Kimballs policy to say "DUH lady" to customers then refuse to exchange an icecream?

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                                Thank you for that clarification and history of Kimball Farm. I did learn something I didn't know and I appreciate hearing it.

                                Is this Mike?????? Hahahaha

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                                  The quantity of ice cream isn't in question, but I have personally found the quality suspect at the Jaffrey, NH store.

                                  I am a big fan of White Farms, in Ipswich MA.