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Looking for NY Style pizza in Cleveland

My fiance and I are getting married in Cleveland in September. He is originally from New York and we are trying to plan our rehearsal dinner. We are on a pretty tight budget (paying for the wedding ourselves) but thought it might be in our budget to do pizza and beer.

Since we live in Michigan we thought perhaps some Cleveland Chowhounds could point us in the right direction. We sure would appreciate any reccomendations anyone might have.


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  1. I am also a NY expatriate. I am sad to say that there is not a lot of great pizza in Cleveland. The only truly NY style I have found is at Vincenza's, which is in one of the renovated downtown Arcades (not the large famous one); it is next to the Radisson. They are only open for lunch M-F, but perhaps you could work something out with them (and they don't have alcohol).

    I have heard great reports about Marotta's in Cleveland Hts, but have not tried them yet myself. They are open for dinner only and have alcohol. There are supposed to be one or two good places on the West Side, but I don't have any info on them.

    Best of luck to you!

    If you are on a tight budget, perhaps you should consider Asian - we have a wonderful Chinatown in Cleveland that can accomodate groups on budgets. Siam Cafe is probably the best, but C&Y, Li Wah and Bo Loong are also good.

    Another possibility for an inexpensive dinner would be to have something brought into your hotel - set up a "hospitality room" and serve munchies - there are some great caterers who could do something for you.

    1. I second both Vincenza's and Marotta's. Marotta's is probably pricier as far as pizza goes, and I doubt you'd be able to have a party there--it's a small restaurant.

      1. congrats!

        btw just so you don't get confused with cleveland's downtown arcades - VINCENZA'S is located in the colonial 'marketplace' arcade. give'm a call or better yet stop in.

        if you are looking for a hotel i'd highly rec the hyatt arcade downtown. it's in yet another arcade, cleveland's historic euclid avenue arcade. it's gorgeous -- VINCENZAS is nearby:

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          I recommend Capri Pizza. It's about 15 miles due south of downtown Cleveland in Middleburg Heights near the Bagley Rd exit off I-71 south. It looks like nothing but their pizza is about as close to NY style as you're going to get, and it's very affordable and tasty.

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            Vincenzas also has a good product. a little thicker crust but it is an excellent pie

          2. apparently these other folks don't get out too much. cleveland has a little italy on the east side of town and there are excellent pizza places along the strip: anthony's, mama santa's, maxi's (though that's very expensive), valentino's (which a lot of people like but i don't) and a handful of others. i can't believe no one brought this up!


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              because those aren't ny style 'za?

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                I agree with mrnyc, I didn't suggest Mama Santa's (the only both good and reasonably priced offering there in my opinion) because it's nothing like NY style. Cheap, good, filling? Sure. But I wouldn't recommend it to people looking for NY style pizza.

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                  Apparently, the thinking goes like this: Does it have avocado? If yes then it's California pizza? Is it 2 inches thick? If yes then it's Chicago pizza? Absolutely everything else is New York Pizza. I think they should protect the term New York pizza just like an AOC for wine or cheese.

                  Alright... How about Teresa's Pizza? First of all, is it any good? Is it New York-y? I ask because Teresa's 12th NEO location will be on East Fourth (near Lola) and the developer's website calls it New York Pizza.

              2. I would like to let anyone who is form N.Y.C.originally, that they ABSOLUTELY MUST
                try CAPRI PIZZA, in Middleburgh Heights, and North Olmsted, Ohio. If you are looking to do a rehearsal dinner they do some casual catering.
                If you are interested I'll give you thier phone# (440)243-2999 in Middleburg Heights.
                Try Vincenza's too, but I guarentee you end up at CAPRI PIZZA

                1. If he really wants NY style pizza and you're both from MI, why not have the wedding in NYC? I suppose a change in venue is probably too late at this point, as it's only a couple months away! Only your husband and a minority of people would know the difference between NY pizza and NY-style pizza...although this is coming from someone who dislikes pizza. :P

                  There's always: http://www.IWantNYPizza.com/

                  You'll probably have to spring for the oregano, crushed chili peppers, and parmesan. Oh, I haven't tried it for myself, so I don't know how NY this tastes/appears compared to standard thin crust mozzeralla pizzas that you can find everywhere in Cleveland -- there has to be at least 5+ pizza joints per square mile everywhere I drive in the city!

                  It's too bad your fiance's favorite pizza joint in NY probably can't make the pizzas and send it, even frozen. :( I'm sure it would be a first, when they hear the delivery address!

                  As for the beer, we have at least 5 microbreweries in area if the place you select doesn't have beer on tap, like Great Lakes Brewing Company, Crooked River, etc. or brewing your own as a special gift and you can even have your own labels printed. ;


                  Congratulations and good luck! =) When things settle down, please let us know how everything went!

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                    I can't believe no one has mentioned Sweet Basil Pizza in Westlake, OH!! It is the best NY style pizza in the midwest! Everything is hand made with only fresh ingredients. The owner is great and will make anything you want. They only make pizza here, no wings, subs, etc.

                  2. I recently went to a place in West Park called Brother's Pizza because I found them on yelp and they had excellent reviews. I would say their pizzas are a mix of Chicago and New York. The pizza shop is located in a bar called Riverside Pub @ 4363 Rocky River Drive. I read something about a Roma on Yelp so I tried it. It was a pretty amazing and different pizza creation. They basically put ingredients similar to a Roman Burger (a local famous burger from Mr. Heros) on their pizza. It tasted amazing. I also had their home made fried spicy pickles. I would also give them kudos on their cheese steak pizza. I have been back about once a week since I started going in Mid-July. I want to try their Mexican Pizza called "Mexicali" next, I heard it too is amazing.