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Red Robin

I have been noticing commercials for Red Robin and was wondeing what you guys thought of it. Worth a try?

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  1. Longer thread on Red Robin here


    IMO it's a reasonable choice occasionally if it's close by. Nothing to go too far out of the way for. Plus they make any of their concoctions into a veggie burger (Boca or Garden, if I recall) if you like, huge deal for my girlfriend. We have one about 5 miles from the house and tend to drop in every few weeks or so.

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      They have two veg options, a Boca patty and a 'veggie' patty. I love the Boca patty -- it's a bit more 'burger-like' and flavorful. The veggie patty is kind of generic and flavorless.

      Red Robin is one of my favorite chains (and I'm vegetarian) -- I especially love the Bonzai burger (pineapple, chipotle mayo, etc.). And their special salt for the fries is addicting...

    2. DH and I love their Strawberry Lemonade! DH loves their wildfire chicken sandwich. He also reports that the milkshakes are slammin'... I haven't had the chance to try one for myself yet. I've had their french onion soup, which wasn't bad, and their burgers and fries, which are okay, but I wouldn't go out of my way for them.

      1. I love the cobb salad, but it is very big!

        1. I've only eaten there once but was pleasantly surprised. For a chain burger joint the service was good, burgers were pretty tasty, and my chocolate malt was DELICIOUS. If you have any hometown burger joints, I'd hit those before Red Robin but, if you don't have many choices Red Robin is definitely worth a trip.

          1. Back when I used to eat deep-fried foods, I always thought Red Robin's fish and chips were top notch (well, at least the fish part). And this is from someone who sought out good fish and chips.

            Now it's not as fun going. But their Royal burger is nice (anything with a fried egg on it is nice). I'll get their cobb salad more often than not; as previously noted, it is pretty big. And the local one has draft Fat Tire, that's never a bad thing.

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              I love fish and chips...I'm definitely going to try them.

            2. If you like the thicker style burger, its worth a go. Their food is decent to good, the service is efficient and the beer is cold (if that's your thing). They also excel at non-red meat offerings. My wife like their turkey burger and their veggie burger, so it was always a favorite option when we wanted something fairly inexpensive (its not dirt cheap, but $25 for two is on target) and easy.

              You won't be arguing that it is the best burger you've ever eaten, but if you go in expecting a solid burger and thick fries...you likely won't be dissapointed at all.

              1. One of my fave chains. Turkey burger w/ chipolte mayo is amazing. Love all the dipping sauces there but my waistline doesn't. (bbq mayo etc)

                1. Their Royal Red Robin is the best. The fries and onion rings are great and the shakes (strawberry) are unbelievable. Better burger than you would find at your usual chain ala Bennigans, Applebees, etc.

                  1. We love Red Robin. I'm a huge fan of the Royal Red Robin because anything with a fried egg on top can't be wrong. My husband alternates between the mushroom burger and the Whiskey River. We usually split a banana milkshake (one order is enough for two tall glasses) but he's been known to get a beer from time to time. Overall we love the food, but the service can be hit or miss.

                    1. Love their chicken burgers, i think it's called the One Great Chicken Burger and I usually ask for a side of their bbq sauce to add to it. My friend loves to get the buffalo sauce and the ranch dressing, mix the 2 together and use that to dip her fries in. I tried it, was pretty tasty.

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                        Is their chicken burger a groud patty or is it a chicken breast with the rest of the "burger" fixings?

                      2. LOVE RED ROBIN! good sized burgers, strawberry lemonade that's to die for, and bottomless steak fries. what else could one want? the whiskey river bbq chicken burger is highly recommended.

                        1. Anyone know if there's any connection between Red Robin and Baton Rouge in Canada -- both seem to be smallish chains and the exteriors and signage seem really similar. Just curious....

                          1. Has anyone tried their wraps...are those any good? What about their salads?

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                              Not yet, but saw new Apple Harvest Salad on the menu the other day and vowed to try that next time. I usually stick to a burger or chicken sandwich, but there's no real reason not to. Other stuff on the menu is just as passable most likely. Oh, I used to get the Ensenada Chicken Platter occasionally, found that pretty good. I may not be as picky as some, but I think they do a decent job with most things. I'm sure Ms CrazyOne will have to try new mac and cheese one of these days, too.

                            2. Just went today for the first time and liked it very much. Atmosphere isn't great, but we sat outside and it was pleasant...what you'd expect for a chain. I got the chicken caeser wrap, which was absolutely delicious. I prefer crispy fries over steak ones, so I just asked for extra melon...which was just o.k. but I wasn't expecting a revelation here. My friend got the fries and they were ok...but just not my preference. Want to try the banzai burger and milkshakes...look great.

                              1. the one by me used to serve a bbq chicken salad that was outstanding, but it's no longer on the menu. other restaurants might still have it so keep an eye out for it.

                                1. We still miss the Red Robin that used to be in Laguna Niguel, OC/CA. For some reason it didn't make it, though I think it would do a lot better now that the area is so much more developed. For a chain burger place it was always a really good value and had good service and quality food. There IS one near S0uth Coast Plaza, but that's about 40 minutes from us and not a frequent choice. We actually look forward to the drive baack from San Francisco to SoCal 'cause there's a Red Robin in Coalinga, CA, right in the 5 that we get to right at mealtime.

                                  1. In what I consider a golden age of the "burger" that we are living in I must admit that I wasn't disappointed by the one I got at Red Robin. Many chains have what I call "factory line" burger where the bun is perfectly symetrical and has no textural contrast and the burger meat is also perfectly symetrical and really average in taste. Red Robin reminded me of In and Out burger (i.e. solid but not boutique).

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                                      Ok... So we went there tonight.

                                      I got the potroast burger (pot roast grilled onion cheader cheese on an onion roll with horesy sause) 9.49. Side of mushrooms... .99.

                                      Wife had a red robin burger 7.49

                                      We both had iced tea 3.78

                                      On a scale of 1 to 10, the food was a 4 the service was a 9 and the atmosphere was a 6

                                      The meat had no potroast taste, there was plenty of it just no taste. The wife's burger was good but that was it..... just good.... not 8 dollar good. The service was great! very fast and friendly. I will most likely try it again just because of the service but I wouldn't go out of my way to go! O I was going to order onion rings..... but it was 7.50 for an order!! I will go to sonic and get them!

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                                        It's a huge tower of onion rings, though. Think of the child's play toy where you stack the different colored donut-shaped rings on top of each other in order of decreasing size. That is exactly how the rings come out, except it's taller than the toy. ;-) I've never actually tried them though. Just see them go by many times when we are in there.

                                        I don't think the pot roast burger is a good example of what they do, nor is a plain burger. The secret for me is in the concoctions of toppings and tastes, including ones you might not ever have thought of. Not that other places can't do that. Some of these probably could be approximated elsewhere if you special ordered it, but you wouldn't necessarily know your options. Also, you can make any of the normal burger items into a turkey burger or Boca or Gardenburger. Plus, many of the non-burger items on the menu are pretty good!

                                        That said, I wouldn't necessarily disagree that it's a bit pricey for what the food is, but some of that is that you are paying for table service and such, as well as unlimited fries when you get a burger/sandwich (which, granted, probably many people don't eat so they make some extra there). Service has generally been quite good as you experienced. Atmosphere is loud, and often people go there with kids, probably because it's a somewhat rare extremely kid-friendly place where you can also get a beer/drink.

                                        BTW, I did finally try that Apple Harvest Salad last time, and I thought it was quite good. I think it's the first time I actually got an entree salad there (have had side salads in the past). The quality of the greens is decent, and the taste combination here was one I enjoyed. I would recommend it.

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                                          I always compare the tower of onion rings to that same toy. :) We've always wanted to try them but we have enough trouble finishing our burgers and fries as it is. The last time we were there I noticed a burger basket go by with onion rings instead of fries. I'll have to ask next time if they'll sub out the fries for rings, just so we can give them a try.

                                          1. re: SarahEats

                                            Yeah, you probably can get rings instead of fries, tho maybe not "bottomless". And to order the tower, I think you really oughta have at least 4 people in your party if you're gonna get it in addition to burgers/fries. Yow. Maybe burger and salad plus the rings for two would be okay (yes, you can sub a salad for your fries if you want to run things slightly healthier).

                                        2. re: Conanoe

                                          With good service (and especially if you were to find a burger you liked) about $25 including tip is a pretty good deal for dinner for two, no dishes, table service etc. At least in my mind it is.

                                          Great service is worth a lot to me.

                                      2. I'll concur with just about everyone. I've taken the kids several times now and we all enjoy it. The kids just love the idea that they can have fries until they're sick. Kids?
                                        I love the burgers and the onion rings are great, I'll definately try the shakes next time.

                                        1. I've eaten there twice. I wish I would've remembered the fist trip the 2nd would've never happened.

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                                            Ditto on that. I had eaten there once, many years ago, and recently decided to give it another try to see if it had improved. Same deal as last time--flavorless meat with no char taste at all. Never again.

                                          2. I like Red Robin for what it is - a super casual, kid-friendly, somewhat loud burger joint. If I want a quiet dinner with my husband or adult friends, then no, I don't go there. But I've got no complaints about their food or service - IMHO you get what you're paying for.

                                            Ohhhhhhhhhh, and the onion rings are great! Definitely get them next time you go. :-)

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                                              Is Red Robin better than Fuddrucker's??

                                              1. re: callitasicit

                                                Overall I'd say yes, although I always liked the fact that you could pile all the gunk you wanted on your own burger at Fuddrucker's. Red Robin has a much more varied menu with some non-burger options (salads, wraps, etc.) and does offer some veggie options, which I don't recall that Fuddrucker's does.

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                                                  Yes on the veggie front -- they make a Boca patty better than any other burger joint I know of. I think it's a specially ordered product, as it's much thicker than those you can buy at the store. And it's never dried / overcooked, either. Their 'veggie burger' is pretty (sub)standard, though, so if you thinking of making your burger meat-free, definitely go for the Boca option.

                                                  Fuddrucker's veggie patty is pretty unremarkable -- they used to have a good portabello sandwich at the location I would go to once in a blue moon that was pretty good, but no more...

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                                                    The Red Robin by me in the Forum at olympia Hills in Live Oak is good.
                                                    I haven't eaten there recently though.I got their Cobb Salad and it was huge. Had most things on their menu and have been pleased and with the service. It is noisy,but I don't mind.And as a single diner I watch the tv till the food comes.My Red Robin has a patio that you can sit on and watch the traffic go by.Ah the joys of South Texas weather.
                                                    Just try the place for yourself.Haven't had the milkshake yet there.
                                                    Never ate at a FuddRucker's.
                                                    I like a local chain here called EZ's Brick Oven Grill.It started here in San Antonio.They have pretty good food,and I like their burgers.They also have salads and pizza you can get too.

                                            2. I am NOT a fan of Red Robin. It's a burger place but I can never find just a normal burger on their menu and whatever I wind up ordering, I never like.

                                              It's also rampant with kids and I guess in my 20s, I'm not thrilled with that either.

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                                              1. re: Chew on That

                                                I think they have a "Red Robin Cheeseburger" or some such thing. I've never had a problem ordering a "cheeseburger." I find their burgers fairly good and my wife loves the turkey and veg. options.

                                                1. re: Chew on That

                                                  Me neither. I ordered the burger. Standard frozen patty; I ordered it medium rare and it was still dry. The fries were good, but the place was deafening. You can't look anywhere without seeing 3 teevees blaring. So if you like dry burgers and screaming, this is the place.

                                                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                    FYI, Red Robin burgers are not frozen.

                                                    1. re: MSPD

                                                      I've also never had one be dry, but maybe I'm just lucky. And I've never noticed the sound on the TVs being on. Of course, there is still plenty of blaring as they have the music going and there's not a soft surface in the place. Actually, even that can be different in some. Was in one in a different part of the state recently (and perhaps sadly, but it was easy) which had carpeting in parts and I think some different stuff on the ceiling presumably to keep the noise down to a dull roar. Of course, it can't much deaden the sound of the inevitable kids as that is part of its appeal for families: both kid-friendly and beer-friendly. ;-)