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May 7, 2007 06:39 AM

Red Robin

I have been noticing commercials for Red Robin and was wondeing what you guys thought of it. Worth a try?

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  1. Longer thread on Red Robin here

    IMO it's a reasonable choice occasionally if it's close by. Nothing to go too far out of the way for. Plus they make any of their concoctions into a veggie burger (Boca or Garden, if I recall) if you like, huge deal for my girlfriend. We have one about 5 miles from the house and tend to drop in every few weeks or so.

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      They have two veg options, a Boca patty and a 'veggie' patty. I love the Boca patty -- it's a bit more 'burger-like' and flavorful. The veggie patty is kind of generic and flavorless.

      Red Robin is one of my favorite chains (and I'm vegetarian) -- I especially love the Bonzai burger (pineapple, chipotle mayo, etc.). And their special salt for the fries is addicting...

    2. DH and I love their Strawberry Lemonade! DH loves their wildfire chicken sandwich. He also reports that the milkshakes are slammin'... I haven't had the chance to try one for myself yet. I've had their french onion soup, which wasn't bad, and their burgers and fries, which are okay, but I wouldn't go out of my way for them.

      1. I love the cobb salad, but it is very big!

        1. I've only eaten there once but was pleasantly surprised. For a chain burger joint the service was good, burgers were pretty tasty, and my chocolate malt was DELICIOUS. If you have any hometown burger joints, I'd hit those before Red Robin but, if you don't have many choices Red Robin is definitely worth a trip.

          1. Back when I used to eat deep-fried foods, I always thought Red Robin's fish and chips were top notch (well, at least the fish part). And this is from someone who sought out good fish and chips.

            Now it's not as fun going. But their Royal burger is nice (anything with a fried egg on it is nice). I'll get their cobb salad more often than not; as previously noted, it is pretty big. And the local one has draft Fat Tire, that's never a bad thing.

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              I love fish and chips...I'm definitely going to try them.