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May 7, 2007 06:21 AM

Kiss Starfish Too Goodbye

A restaurant over a supermarket next to a pool hall - it'll never last. Unfortunately, Starfish Too didn't. Guess it fell victim to the old "location is everything" syndrome. I wonder if it would have lasted a while longer had it been located on the street level rather than it's former second floor site. While not spectacular or even "fine" dining - the food was a welcome change from the run of Pan-Asian/Fusion and Italian restaurants that seem to be opening (and closing) in Great Neck lately. Signs went up during the week announcing that it was closed and would soon be replaced by a piano bar/eaterie called "Brenda and Eddies." Information posted on the web about the new place is limited. The menu page is blank but the monthly calendar listing the cover bands and drink specials is up and running. Wonder what's the over/under on this place lasting more than six months?

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  1. That's too bad. I like Starfish Too -- I thought the food was quite good and much different than what you usually find in town. That much being said, I only went once, so maybe the location was a problem. Perhaps I would have gone more often if it were on Bond St. or Middleneck Rd. Although Wild Ginger does well, but how can you go wrong sellling mostly Chinese food in GN?