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May 7, 2007 06:19 AM

good milk chocolate in TO?

I'm looking for a gift - for someone who likes sweet milk chocolate. I want nice presentation, but a really 'familiar' taste (think Hershey or Cadbury). Where can I find something like this? (Hopefully downtownish.) I'm open to suggestions for hand-made chocolates (even truffles) and also boxed manufactured chocolate - as long as it's good and looks nice.

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  1. Call Teuscher and see what they have. Their classic champagne truffle is milk covered but dark on the inside, with a "champagne" filling in the middle. They also have a milk chocolate truffle. And I would generally say their flavour profile is sweet, but good.

    1. Soma in the Distillery district is probably your best bet for really good gift-quality chocolate in the downtown. They do have a lot of exotic flavours (for example, Mayan, which is quite spicy) but they should be able to help you put together a gift box of chocolates and truffles that have the more "familiar" taste you mention.

      1. Hmm - both of those are good suggestions, but I really want to keep to really simple "drug-store chocolate" flavours.

        What's your take on places like JS bonbons & Stubbe Chocolates? Or even - (ulp) Laura Secord, Godiva's - those kinds of things?

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          JS is definitely not what you are looking for -think lemon thyme or coriander-flavoured truffles. They may have some simpler stuff but that is their focus. Belgian chocolate shop might work

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            I think Callebaut would be a good bet. They're not downtown but I think they'll deliver for a few bucks.

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            Stubbe is an excellent choice. Go with a box of the Stubbe Special Milk and the regular milk truffles. Really fantastic chocolate, but still pretty familiar milk chocolate flavours.

            I'd also recommend the chocolate caramelized hazelnuts. So very good.


          3. Eitelbach chocolates in the Manulife Centre (Bay and Bloor) may suit you - no particularly unusual flavours, smooth and sweet chocolate, nice presentation:


            1. I second and third Teuscher (boyfriend just bought me some truffles from Teuscher - beautiful and dee-lish). As for Soma - oh my God! I am very fussy, and Soma is not only super cool, but it has THE best ice cream I've ever tasted in this world - literally! You cannot beat Soma for anything. They are outstanding purveyors of everything chocolate, and the best part is they're not corporate owned - at least I don't think so. If anyone knows, please let me know. I'm a huge supporter of small business, especially in the very difficult food business.

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              1. re: Mimimimimi

                Wow - thanks everyone!
                Either Teuscher or Stubbe it will likely be.
                But I'll also check out some of the other recs - they all sound delicious!
                I love Some also, but I don't think it's right for this gift.

                1. re: Mimimimimi

                  Soma is owned by Oliver Bonacini.

                  1. re: Delish

                    Interesting. Have to give him credit for creating such a concept. The quality of this product in my opinion, is uncompromisign and world-class.