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May 7, 2007 04:56 AM

Santa Barbara Sushi and ...

Making my yearly visit to the kid at UCSB and I know he'll want sushi one of the 2 nights. What are the recommendations for sushi in the area? It doesn't need to be near the campus. Also, I'd appreciate recs for good Italian and Vietnamese. Thanks.

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  1. Supplementing my own inquiry, I'd also like to know where the best ice cream in SB. Thanks.

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      Arigato (1200 block State Street - $$$$) West and East Victoria streets: Olio et Limone; Ca Dario and good reviews coming in for Trattoria Vittoria. This 1200 block of State Street and side streets is a collection of some of your best dining choices in Santa Barbara plus being in the historic arts distict of the city - good place to just poke around and get a feeling for the town outside the main tourist areas.

      Best ice cream by far is just a few blocks away - McConnells's at Mission and Delavina -streets.

      No really good Vietnamese in town - a few wannabes but nothing like the real thing. One at the K-Mart center in Goleta - out by the Campus is not bad, one on lower Milpas Street - not great and then a few Chinese combo carryouts - best Vietnamese is Mai's on Main Street in Ventura - not a bad place to go hounding but no reason on this trip to go that far afield from Santa Barbara.

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        Best gelato choices are found at "Via Maestra 42" - on Upper State near Las Positas. Also good for Italian lunch, casual dinner and deli items.

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            Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my directions and recommendations - Arigato gets the sushi awards in this town (1200 block State Street) - nice atmosphere, but I defer to the sushi experts here that what passes for good in SB may not hold up compared to larger city fare - same with the "Italian" in town which is found mainly on the East and West blocks of Victoria Street right off the 1200 block of State Street - up near the sushi place - Arigato. Between the Granada and Arlington Theaters is Restaurant Ground Zero for SB.

            Look for the tallest building in SB (8 stories) and forage around it, going a few blocks in either direction and you will do okay for both quality, atmosphere, price and variety. And that means going up State Street to IHOP for Swedish pancakes, and copping out with a fish sandwich at MacDonalds in the same area.

        1. I second McConnels.

          No real good Sushi in SB..there is a place on the harbor that is basic, but good. Just avoid Something's Fishy at all costs!