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May 7, 2007 01:57 AM

Korean Food in CM/OC not cook yourself?

Looking for a cheap Korean food places close to Costa Mesa. I've seen the posts for Korean BBQ (the kind you cook yourself) but I am looking for places where they bring it to you cooked. Nothing fancy, bulgogi with rice and the plates of kim chee. I used to live near Rowland Heights and Yeh San Jib on Colima and Fullerton was perfect for that. Thanx!

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  1. There is Hashigo Tofu in Costa Mesa (on the corner of Bristol and Paularino, in the shopping center w/ Anjin and Oki Doki). I had a seafood hot pot soup and it was about $8 IIRC. Downside: you only get one plate of kim chee with that. They had other cooked items (non-tofu soups) on the menu, but I haven't tried any. This is not a "must-try" place; I'm sure you can get some better recs from others on the board

    1. Not much Korean in Costa Mesa that I'm aware of. If take out is ok, inside Marukai market (Baker and Harbor) food court there is Korean Kitchen next to L&L. Not spectacular, but eases the Korean cravings when I don't want to go too far. Hashigo is ok, I ordered the kalbi dinner and some pancake, came out to $18 or so. They specialize in tofu, not sure if it's soon doo boo or some other type.

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        Thanks for the recs. I'll try out Hashigo. Anybody know of any others in OC? I'm willing to go out further to Garden Grove-Westminster-Irvine too.

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          There's a small Korean place at Walnut & Culver in Irvine, next to Jim's Music. It used to be called Mi Nong, and the sign out front said Soft Tofu. I think they might have changed the name, but the food hasn't changed. I like the eel and the seafood pancake. My kids like the beef and onion hot plate. They also have clay pot dishes, which they bring boiling hot with a raw egg to break in. Dinner is served with a steampot of rice and many small plates of pickled vegetables, kim chee, etc.

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            Well in Garden Grove you have a sizeable Korean business district on Garden Grove blvd btwn Magnolia and Brookhurst (for the most part). I haven't frequented too many places there though. Usually hit up k-bbq there which is a little more on the wallet. Here is a good post I found that includes other Korean food besides kbbq in Garden Grove:


        2. there is one on the corner of walnut and jeffrey in irvine, I forgot what does it call , it's in the same complex as 99 ranch market, next to JJ bakery, I have been there 4 times, it taste pretty good

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            The place you're speaking about is Kaju Tofu House.

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            1. Kaya korean tofu house in Irvine. You get tofu, bbq and the best side dishes I've ever had for $16. It is the best korean I've ever had.