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May 6, 2007 11:17 PM

red bean bun recipe?

you know the kind I mean, sweet adzuki bean paste in a sweet bun or dumpling shell. any recipe suggestions?

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  1. Are you talking about the flakey white one that's baked or the one that's in a white pastry and steamed? Or the one that's deep-fried, rolled in gelatinous mochi rice pastry and sesame seed?

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      My mother and her friends (all Japanese natives living in the Minnesota) make a quick version of steamed buns. They use Pillsbury biscuit dough in a can, flatten it out, stuff it with adzuki bean paste and then steam it. A breeze to whip together.

      1. re: Yukari

        My mom did that, too. And, she'd use phyllo leaves for the flakey one. She usually did them from scratch (started w/ lard, went to Crisco because it was supposedly healthier and now uses vegetable oil which isn't the same but it's still good) but played around with different things she'd find from stores, especially given the lack of chinese/asian products you could get here in the 70's. For the steamed rice ones, you can also buy a package mix now in chinese stores where you just add water. I haven't tried it but my husband's aunt swears by them.

      2. re: chowser

        I was talking about the one in the white pastry thats steamed. but the other ones sound yummy too....

        1. re: ChowHappy

          I can't find my cookbook but I'll post that recipe if I do find it. Here's one that is similar. I'd roll it out and not add sesame seed oil. Roll in circle and add red beans. Gather at top. Let rest and steam.

          This recipe for man tou sounds really good, though. I think I'll try it next.

      3. I make red bean paste buns with a cream cheese pastry recipe, the fill with the red bean paste, a few raisins, and bake.

        This is one of those areas where I think authenticity may be difficult to gauge -- the pastry recipe I use is almost identical to some I've seen for polish cream cheese cookies -- but I got it from the chinese immigrant owner of a restaurant I worked at.

        If you want, I'll dig out the recipe and post it, but really, I think any pastry you like would work well for it.