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May 6, 2007 10:17 PM

Delicious Food in Rohnert Park & Vicinity??

Greetings from Los Angeles CH!

DH and I are visiting this coming week for his business conference held at Rohnert Park & will be staying at Doubletree Rohnert Park (oh least it's a free trip out of the smog). I am looking for good eats for breakfast, lunch & dinner for the 2-3 days we will be there.

We like lots of different kinds of food, inc. ethnic food, but are trying to keep costs down, so would appreciate recs for not-too-expensive restaurants. Oh, we also like quirky kinds of places, e.g., was intrigued by mentions of Washoe House (did I get that right?), an old roadhouse.

Any must-eats? We are willing to drive about 30-40 minutes. Also, any recs for things to do/see while we are there would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Here's recent thread for another visitor to Rohnert Park's Doubletree.
    Note that many of the recs in that thread are away from Rohnert Park, but don't worry, there's plenty of good eats closer by in Cotati, Petaluma, Sebastopol, if you do a search or scan the board.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks, I missed that one when I did my search. Looks like there are lots of good possibilities there.

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        Sfoglia in Sebastopol is about a 15 to 20 minute drive for a breakfast, lunch or snack stop.

    2. Mike's at the Crossroads in Cotati is a great burger joint for lunch. Washoe House is great, about a 10 minute drive for you. Also head into downtown Santa Rosa (5-10 minutes from the hotel) or Sebastopol (20 minutes) for LOTS of great restaurants. Latitude is in the same complex as the Doubletree and is really good for dinner and drinks. Healdsburg restaurants and wineries are 30 minutes away or head out to Bodega Bay (30 minutes) for awesome fresh seafood. ;)

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      1. re: fyoulady

        Thank you, fyoulady and Melanie Wong! So many great suggestions, so little time...but isn't that always the way it is? :-)

      2. Maybe I missed it, but I dont think anyone mentioned Hana which is right there by the Doubletree. It's a GREAT Japanese restaurant... the sushi is really good... they often have a great rock shrimp fritter appetizer... and all the other non-sushi plates that I've seen go by, but havent eaten look good too.

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          That was the first place that came to my mind (it's in Doubletree Plaza), but I don't know if it qualifies as "not-too-expensive." The serving sizes aren't whopping at most Japanese restaurants I've been to, so I'd probably rack up one heck of a check. Hana's menu and prices here (I don't know how current it is):

          Besides, they're from Los Angeles. There's lots of great Japanese food in L.A.

        2. My advice is to skip Latitude- even though it's close and looks iviting. The food is only mediocre for the price, and the service has always been rude. I've tried it 3 times, and it's failed all 3. Hana is good japanese or try Boat House Sushi- It's on the corner of Redwod Dr. and Rohnert Park Expressway. This is one of my favorites. The Redwood Cafe or Tubby's in Cotati for breakfast or lunch.

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          1. re: misscotati

            Actually, Latitude is GREAT. Get a table outside ;)

            1. re: fyoulady

              What do you consider great about Latitude? Haven't tried it yet.

              Here's another post on the plus side.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I tried Latitude w/my father in law when it first opened and it was really good. It seemed more upscale and serious at the time, very different than the atmosphere is now. Then we went again months after my initial visit and the food had gone downhill and the service was not so great. So we had basically forgotten about it until recently and had Easter Brunch there. Now it is an "island grill" is more casual now and was very decent for a brunch, as mentioned in the above thread. But anyhoo...we took mom and grandma there last week for dinner and everyone LOVED their food. The shortribs were wonderful and the crab crusted fish was tender and flavorful. We were definitely impressed (finally!) and joined their "smileage" program (it was free)...which gives us free corkage every time we dine, free salads and sundaes if we dine weekdays before 6pm, and $25 in gift certificates for every $250 we spend there. We'd definitely go again.

          2. I work in Rohnert Park so I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive, interesting places. I really like Bear Korean, in the same little shopping center as Mikes at the Crossroads (which is arguably the best place in the county for burgers) in Cotati. The service here is friendly but usually pretty slow, and the language barrier can sometimes be a problem, but the food is really good. I especially like the lunch specials. Shangra-La, on East Cotati in Rohnert Park, is excellent for Himalyan food. They do a curry lunch special that is very popular, but I usually prefer to order from the regular menu. If palak chicken is a special, order it, you won't be sorry. I also really like the masala vegie curry and the butter chicken, and the appetizers are also excellent. My current favorite Mexican place is Tonayan, 500 Raley's Town Center in Rohnert Park, but I have liked the mole chicken enchilada so much that I have yet to try anything else. However, my dining companions have always been pleased with whatever they have ordered. Northlight Books and Cafe, also on East Cotati in Cotati, is a fun place to go and eat simple, well-prepared, mostly organic food and to browse the books. There are lots of great places within your 30-40 minutes drive, but those are a few ideas within about 5 minutes of your hotel.