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May 6, 2007 10:10 PM

Cask beer in Los Angeles??

Does anyone know where to get it?

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    1. re: Adsvino

      yeah- I did not see much so I did not check this until today-- thanks everyone who replied!!! You beer poeple!

    2. Check this out:

      If I were you, I'd call the couple of places referenced, and ask. These are serious beer people, so they may very well have cask-conditioned ales, or if not, probably can point you in the right direction. And, please report back on what you find !!!

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      1. re: mikester

        Also, IIRC the chain of BJ's Pizzeria and Breweries has a seasonal cask-conditioned beer on offer, but often they sell out quickly because they only make limited quantities. Some of the other brewpubs also have a tap for their cask ales.

        1. re: mikester

          Thanks Mikester! I know BJ's is close by in Westwood so I have to go- I wanted to try it since I read about it a while ago-- but have not yet seen it on the menu

          1. re: miffy

            Not every BJs has cask conditioned beer on hand, and generally they only have it one day each week, and they sell out in a few hours. Here's the overview:

            Brea Mall
            Brea, California, 92821-5764
            (714) 990-2095
            Call ahead, they don't have a fixed schedule. There are no guarentees if you just show up.

            24032 El Toro Road
            Laguna Hills, California, 92653-3104
            (949) 900-2670
            They serve cask-ale every Thursday at 5pm. They generally sell out the same night they tap the cask.

            461 West Esplanade Drive
            Oxnard, California, 93036-1298
            (805) 485 1124
            Every Thursday, call ahead, they don't tap the cask on a fixed schedule and there are weeks in which they sell out quickly.

            2917 East Eastland Center Drive
            West Covina, California, 91791-1603
            (626) 858 0054
            Thursday or Friday, call ahead.

            6424 Canoga Avenue
            Woodland Hills, California, 91367-2407
            (818) 340 4546
            No fixed schedule, call ahead.

            These locations only offer one real ale each week, and generally only for a few hours at a time. The selection rotates, and it's best to call ahead and ask what they will be serving before heading out with high hopes.

            NONE of the other BJs locations have Cask Conditioned ale. Period. They only have nitro-tapped, pasteurized, keg beer... which is just not the same. There is not a single hostelry within 20 miles of Westwood that serves real cask-conditioned ale. Sorry.

            1. re: Moomin

              WOW- just WOW- thank you SOOOO much for such a list, Moomin!!!! (must be from the moomin valley)
              they are so far out from Santa Monica but I really wanted to try- si I must get out to get it! I never thought it was such a special thing!

        2. re: mikester

          If only the food were good at BJ's too...

          The beer is fantastic.

        3. the white harte in tarzana or woodland hills has a beer engine, as does the above mentioned BJ's. Also try Lucky Baldwin's in pasadena or the delerium cafe in sierra madre

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          1. re: Diana

            According to CAMRA Lucky Baldwin's beer engines are entirely cosmetic. I haven't investigated the claim myself, but I wouldn't be all that surprised. Hot weather and real ale don't mix as well as you'd hope.

          2. You didn't mention how big a 'cask' you wanted. Jons Markets usually have small (5 liter?) kegs of various eastern European brews.
            The Beer board might also have some info....

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            1. re: DiveFan

              oh I just wanted a glass to taste- not for home use--

              1. re: DiveFan

                Cask ale at a bar is usually served from a beer pump or "engine" at around room temp. it isn't the same as a keg,

              2. Naja's Place in Redondo Beach usually has something, but it's generally a big ABV, hoppy beer, not a British session beer.

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                1. re: keaton

                  Also, Pizza Port in Carlsbad is having Real Ale festival June 1st and 2nd.

                  1. re: keaton

                    Redondo is close! I will look them up ;) Thank you Keaton~

                    1. re: miffy

                      It's a little, uh, divey, but tap for tap, it's the best beer bar in the area. They have a huge selection and take excellent care of their taps.