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May 6, 2007 09:39 PM

Wine Toasts, as in Cheers! or Salute! ??

What are your favorites? Or ones you've come across in your life or travels? Not only the international toasts -- Nazdorovje, Skol, Cin-Cin -- but other *poetic* ones, like “Rose-lipped maidens, light-foot lads” in the movie “Out of Africa.”

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  1. If I remember correctly, cin-cin is supposed to occur in a circle, Two people clink glasses,
    and they must look into each other's eyes when they do, and then the toast goes around the circle and back to the first person.

    1. My Irish Grandmother: May those that love us, love us. For those that don't, may God turn their hearts. If their hearts cannot be turned, may He turn their ankles so we know them by their limping.

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        Love it! All I ever say is a simple, "Cheers!" How boring.


      2. I had dinner with my friend's Colombian family last night, and they will cheers anything. I must have clinked my bottle of Pacifico 20 times before the night was over. Just a simple "Cheers" whenever you want to celebrate something. It was fun.

        1. I often use the German, "Prost". While this is usually associated with drinking beer, it is also used when drinking wine with friends.

          BTW, thanks for mentioning the Out of Africa reference. Took me back to my Grade 10 English class where we memorized the A. E. Housman poem from which the quotation comes:

          With rue my heart is laden
          For golden friends I had,
          For many a rose-lipt maiden
          And many a lightfoot lad.

          By brooks too broad for leaping
          The lightfoot boys are laid,
          The rose-lipt girls are sleeping
          In fields where roses fade.

          1. I learned this from my father, who told me he'd first heard it, in Spanish, in South America in the 1960s. Some variation of the following:

            Toast to the Four Hinges of Hell:

            May you swear, steal, lie and drink.

            When you swear, swear to be true to your friends.

            When you steal, steal away from bad companions.

            When you lie, lie in the arms of the one you love.

            And when you drink, drink with me.