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May 6, 2007 08:36 PM

Fr.Og - Anyone been yet?

Or heard anything?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. only had the cocktails, appetizers and desserts. was happy with almost all of them-the tomato soup thing was a bit wintery and heavy but the peekytoe crab samosa looking thing with avocado dip was great as were the rolls with shrimp. for dessert I had an nut encrusted frozen parfait type small cake with chopped strawberries on the side that was amazing. the cocktails were nice-I had whatever the bartender recomended so i don't know what they were.

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      1. re: scanditrash

        went last night very pleased ( i ate at the bar)
        Foie Gras sautéed with ginger crust, sesame potato, mango coulis, soy-balsamic sauce asian vibe versus total french feel sort of a nice change from foie usually with a fruity sauce. the sesame potato was crisp and flavorful
        Colossal Shrimp sautéed with coriander, celery root and coconut purée, crispy eggplant roll with olives cooked tenderly, not too tough. almost lobster-like in stature. the puree was effectively blended as the coconut balanced the celery root quite well. too drink a perfectly nice vietnamese lager
        the room is light, pleasing to the eye. swanky, but soft and subtle at the same time.
        the bartender very cool.
        the blend of vietnamese, french, morrocan et. al works well
        i assert you should try.

        1. re: jsmitty

          Good to hear good things. I was very impressed when I first saw the menu.

          I have reservations for tonight but may have to cancel due to an ill girlfriend. We'll see..

          Thanks everyone.

          1. re: Pierre Eats

            check out the downstairs too... it's cool

      2. Went to dinner with friends there. Very cool looking place, and the food was generally good--Duck pastilla had a savory/sweet edge, friends had monkfish and loved it. However—we settled a bar tab with cash, and at the end of the evening, the bar tab was on the dinner bill as well. Rather than take care of the situation, the bartender descended to confront us--until I pulled out the cash change from the transaction. Having ordered two bottles of wine, full meals etc, this wasn't a good way to handle their management mistake. Generally attitude put me off the place.