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May 6, 2007 07:07 PM

Laloux ?

Laloux - 250, avenue des Pins Est, 514 287-9127

comments? how is it now that Dany St Pierre is in the kitchen there and that young dessert fellow with the smile from Les Chèvres et le Chou (his name escapes me - I've seen him on Josée Di Stasio's show a few times)

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  1. Patrice Demers(he also now Laloux's head chef). I've seen both Danny & Patrice on the Josee Di Stasio's food show.

    1. There's a review of Laloux in the latest edition of Voir. It's in french, though.

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      1. re: SnackHappy

        Now there's a review that will make everyone want to go.

        1. re: yow yul

          "Now there's a review that will make everyone want to go."

          Really? While I hope she's right about Laloux, Ms. Harvey and her colleagues are recent arrivals at Voir and have yet to establish a track record. To date the approach has been formulaic and the writing tight-a**ed and devoid of personality. Many of us have not got over Voir's dropping of the J.-Ph. Tastet, a good palate and peerless writer, from the resto beat and, given the current format and team, it looks like it'll be a long time before we do.

          edit: deletion of an apparently undeserved aspersion on Voir's management.

          1. re: carswell

            Voir did not drop J-P.
            J-P dropped Voir.

            1. re: Lesley

              Thanks for the correction. Then I guess we can say Voir dropped the ball by not making him an offer he couldn't refuse.

      2. Love Laloux. Been since the new chef is in place and was not dissapointed. Service is great as usual.