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May 6, 2007 06:48 PM

ideas for a baby shower

I'm hosting a baby shower to begin at 1:00pm. I need to make all of the food ahead of time since I have a meeting that morning and in fact will probably arrive late to the shower (will put husband on oven duty). I am somewhat familiar with the dietary restrictions of pregnant ladies, but if anyone has any no-no's they want to share, please speak up! One thing I'm thinking of doing phyllo triangles with different fillings since they can be frozen and then baked just before serving. Cheese is ok if it's cooked, right? I want to try and keep it to finger food as much as possible. TIA for any other suggestions.

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  1. A variety of crostini is always good. Make the topping sthe night before, and have hubby top the toast shortly beforehand. One that works very well is bruschetta (tomatoes, basil, garlic, s&p and I like some balsamic). It's actually better if the tomatoes can marinade overnight. I also make one that's VERY easy. Get roast beef from the deli, place some on each crostini, then top with a horeradish blue cheese sauce (blue cheese, horseradish, dijon, sour cream and back pepper nuked until the cheese melts).

    1. Seems like everyone has a different bugaboo. For me it was avoiding fish (for the most part and especially the big kinds) because of the mercury content and cutting out caffine (but not chocolate). Cheese-wise think the concerns are about soft-cheeses -- cooking it seems a logical way to get past that but couldn't say for sure. Also cheeses made from raw milk. Tried to eat healthy -- but was a little more relaxed with the second little Bite-Bite. mojo's suggestions sound delicious -- but do know some pregnant woman avoid deli meat and esp roast beef because of health concerns. Lamb is also on the watch list -- not exactly sure why. And some people avoid peanut butter (perhaps in case the fetus has peanut allergies???) But also not everyones going to be pregnant I'm guessing so you can have some latitude. Also, to make things easy on yourself, you just might want to ask your friend what she does and does not eat -- she might not worry about any of that stuff.

      Your phyllo triangles sound like a great idea.You could also do mini-quiches. scones, creams and berries gets my vote for desert.

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        I don't understand the cheese thing. Most of my friends have kids, and cheese was a big part of their diets while pregnant. In fact, one friend had been a vegan for 10+ years and the doctor specifically encouraged her to eat cheese for protein. She became a huge cheesehound and is still one to this day (still no meat/fish/eggs).

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          S'far as I know it's not all cheeses, Just the soft-cheeses and the raw-milk cheeses (because of potential bacteria issues I think?). At the end of the day, there are millions of people eating all of these foods and having healthy beautiful children so it would probably be the rare case where any of this stuff would be dire. But everyone just wants to do what's best for their kids -- and as soon as a warning gets out there it's hard not to react.

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            unpasteurized raw milk cheeses get an eyebrow, but they must be aged 60 days to be sold in the states. they're safe, but most moms-to-be avoid them anyway.

      2. My sister-in-law's friend put up a shower for her and there was NOT enough food. Everyone was looking for more than what was made. Very sad. Whatever you do, make sure you prepare enough. Nothing more disappointing than me traveling 135 miles for an event and there was no lunch. Fresh fruit skewers are great with a youghurt dip. Fresh veges and cheeses/crackers are always great, cheap and in abundance.

        1. not everybody attending will be pregnant, lol, right? here's just some ideas, all of which can be assembled the night before, most of which is good warm or room temp:

          mini sandwiches of chicken salad, almonds and grapes
          mini sandwiches of turkey, cheddar and granny smith apple
          strata or mini quiches
          deviled eggs
          shrimp cocktail
          vegetarian lasagne
          lemon/ginger marinated drumsticks
          hummus or bean bean dip
          asparagus and orange salad
          bagels and a variety of cream cheeses with smoked salmon
          couscous or bulgur salad with lots of lemon and fresh herbs
          sesame noodle salad
          chopped cobb salad
          teriyaki chicken on skewers
          skewers of buffalo mozz, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil
          trays of olives and nuts
          cheese and crackers
          fruit salad on skewers
          mini cupcakes with pink, yellow or white icing, and candied flowers as garnish
          cookies, maybe some cute gingerbread boys or girls?

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            Great list! Keeping it in mind for next time I'm having people over and have no time to prepare day of.

            Just remembered something else that might be helpful. Here's a link to a thread from when I hosted a screening of a friend's documentary and wanted everything hand-held for simplicity's sake. Was very happy with how it all worked out -- yummy, limited mess, and eliminated some of the awkwardness of people milling around and juggling forks and plates etc. (Not all pregnant-lady friendly but could be adapted) :