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May 6, 2007 06:35 PM

Grass Fed Beef

Any buzz about where to purchase grass fed beef in SE Mass/R.I. area??

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  1. Watson Farm in Jamestown and Casey Farm in Saunderstown. Sources for this and other meats and poultry can be found at

    1. I would also be interested in finding out. I have tried River Rock but that is all the way up in Central Mass and a bit expensive. Anything around the area that is top quality like River Rock would be great.

      1. Led by the folks at Watson Farm, Rhode Island beef growers have recently formed an association to directly market their grass fed beef - similar to the successful concept begun by our dairy farmers with Rhody Fresh Milk a couple of years back.

        Haven't seen any in markets yet, but would expect folks like Belmont's in Wakefield and The Mini Super on Charlestown will probably offer it once it is available. I can't wait.

        Jerry Saywell

        Jerry Saywell

        1. You can buy direct from Watson Farm and Casey Farm at farmstands; see