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May 6, 2007 05:51 PM

Duck in a Can at APC

Ok. Last week at Au Pied de Cochon, I saw several cans in their cooler labeled Duck in a Can. Later, as I enjoyed my lamb shank and later on, my sugar pie, I watched as a waiter picked up a can at the food station, slapped a "duck in a can" label onto it, and carried the can plus an opener (?) off to a table.
My question: what is in the can? How is it served? What is it served with?

Thank you for any insight.

By the way, dinner was great, lamb for me and pied de cochon for him, sugar pie, nice bottle of wine, three hours.

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  1. I'm not sure if you speak french or not but if you do, you can find the whole recipe here:

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Wow. I wish I had known. I guess I'll have to go back. Thank you for the explanations.

        1. I ate there a couple of weeks ago. Here is my impressions. I will do my best because I can't find an online menu to refresh my memory on what we ate.

          First of all, there were three of us.
          We started, of course, with the foie gras poutine. Amazing. Loaded with foie, foie infused gravy and fresh curd. Incredibly rich as is all the food there. We also had the cromesquis, little foie gras fritters. They were good but could have been hotter.
          I forget what the third starter was but I know it was rich and great.

          For mains, we had the bison short rib, outstanding. We had the signature dish, which is of course the Pied de Cochon, stuffed with braised pork and foie gras. Incredibly good.
          I had the duck in a can. My only problem with it was that the duck itself was a little tough. That can be expected given the cooking method.
          I could have gone through the whole course and not even bothered with the duck breast and I would have been totally happy though. It was so rich and flavorful.
          You get a plate with a big buttered crouton on it that is topped with the pdc mashed potato. (mashed potato with tons of butter and cream and lots of fresh cheese curd whipped in). They open the duck at the table and all of the sourkraut and duck and glace and foie gras spill out on to the potato. The jus and fat from the foie and duck soak up into the potato and the crouton.
          It's hard to describe how good the flavors are. I almost passed out from the richness before I finished my meal.

          My last "GREAT" meal in Toronto cost $175 for me alone.
          For 3 of us at pdc our tab was about $185 taxes and tip included.

          I would go there 10 times for every "fine dining" meal I have in TO.
          We also has the