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May 6, 2007 05:14 PM

Need High End Recs for Sat. Dinner Near Marriott/Convention Ctr.

We will be in town for a convention Memorial Day weekend and need to take our physician speakers out for a late dinner on Saturday night (8:30-ish). We need fine food and wine, one of your "chow-ish" restaurants, but it's important that it not be too loud. No chains please. The docs will be expecting something nice.

Not too far from the convention center as well. A short cab ride at most. Having never been to Philly (I'm embarrassed to say), I don't know the area.

Thank you in advance for all recs.

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  1. My first choice would be Lacroix, in the Rittenhouse Hotel. A very short cab ride. Excellent food, lovely ambience, comfortable, not loud.

    1. No chains - well that leaves out the likes of Capital Grille, McCormick and Schmick and the new Oceanaire. Our most famous restaurateur in Philly, if you will, is Stephen Starr - and all of his restaurants are themed and quite good - not chains. Phildelphia is not that large and almost anything in center city is either walkable or a very short cab ride. Buddakhan on Market Street has Asian influence and is a dramatic and trendy restaurant.There is Tangerine, Morimoto, Barclay Prime, and about five or six others.

      I personally really like "The Prime Rib" in the Radisson Warwick for your purposes. It is at 17th and Walnut (I guess some might call it a chain - but not really - they only have perhaps one or two other restaurants). Here is why it is a great choice. Stunning classic and elegant atmosphere with magnificent flowers and plush appointments. No frills menu with basic food extremely well done. Prime rib to die for (hope they are not cardiologists - LOL!). Crab crakes there are some of the best I have ever had. Great salads, sides. Impeccable, non- obtrusive yet attentive white glove service. Nice bar. Simply put - understated elegance. Also valet parking is offered. You will not be disappointed.

      1. Estia at Broad & Locust is lovely and great Greek food - a lot of fish. Also, Upstares at Varalli and Sotto (right underneath) at the east side of Broad & Locust are good too. Striped Bass on Walnut, Le Bec Fin on Walnut, really upscale. So many places are just minutes away from the Convention Center.

        1. Also consider La Famiglia or Ristorante Panorama (both by the Senna Family) on Front street, the first just south of Market, the second just north of market. La Famiglia is white linen table cloth Italian, Panorama is it's slightly more casual and nosier sister. Great Italian food and amazing wine - especially by the glass at Panorama. Front Street is about a mile from the convention Center

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            I have a friend who is a local pharma rep and he frequently takes his doctors to La Famiglia or Ristorante Panorama. However, his territory is South Philadelphia, so part of the reason he chooses these places is because South Philly doctors tend to like great Italian food. But, I don't see a reason why others wouldn't like it too so I think these are great suggestions. Other places I know that he goes to with MD's are Oceanaire, Osteria, and Pesto. I would also second the recommendation for Striped Bass. Thanks.

          2. You can walk from the convention center to most places indicated here. For your purpose of physician speakers and fine food and wine I would recommend Striped Bass or Barclay Prime. Lacroix might work; not sure how it is now that he is gone. The Four Seasons main dining room always reliable. Too late for Vetri, probably. I personally find Prime Rib stodgy. Some other suggestions here are much lower end than I think you want. I lived in Philly for 7 years and have eaten everywhere; Striped Bass would be my choice for this.