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May 6, 2007 05:07 PM

What's Good in Greektown?

Does anyone have any recommendations for places in Greektown? Atmosphere doesn't really matter--just the food. Preferably Greek food.

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  1. Samos on Ponca St. Cash only. Definately a favorite restaurant in Greektown. I have never eaten there (only done take out), but my SO and his co-workers eat lunch there weekly. Usually I order the gyro or a skewered shrimp dish w/ rice and cheese (don't know the name). I haven't had a disappointing meal from them yet.

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    1. I like Ikaros for fish (and other things).

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        I could eat the fried calamari at Ikaros until I burst. Best in town. I've never managed to order anything else -- there's other stuff on the menu that looks good, but once I'm seated I just have to go for that.

        Samos is very good if you don't mind waiting for a table. It's BYOB.

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          Love love love the village salad at Ikaros. It's served family style, and that's what my family always orders when we go. Stupid family, eating my share of the salad.

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          Greektown is just east of Highlandtown in east Baltimore. Ikaros is on Eastern Avenue just west of Ponca Street.

        2. Zorba's for grilled foods. Great grilled fish and octapus.

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            Zorba's is also great for Kontosouvli, though be warned, the portion is huge.

          2. Greektown has the the best value for chow in Baltimore IMO. In addition to Ikaros and Samos, I would add Acropolis for their excellent dolmades and giouvesti-baked lamb.