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May 6, 2007 04:59 PM

Red Hook ball fields report

Dear people,

I live in (very) South Slope not too far from the Red Hook ball fields, so today I decided to enjoy the nice weather and walk over to get lunch. I was very happy to find that most of the vendors have returned, although the tents are now up on the grass instead of on the sidewalk. The divine huarache/quesadilla people are there, as are the Ecuadorian ceviche masters and the mayonnaise-chili-cheese-corn-on-the-cob people. I wasn't able to find any marañon, though - it seems to me it used to be for sale last year, but maybe that's my mind playing tricks on me.

Photos can be found here:


Note that I always asked for permission before I took their pictures - when I was in Guatemala people were really touchy about that so I figured I'd better use the same etiquette.

I'll be back next week to try the Colombian food.


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  1. I was there on Saturday, James, and had a great time. Full of gringos this year, but hey, sometimes I need to be reminded I'm one of them! Great ceviche, great pupusas, great huarache, good corn, good watermelon juice, good chili mango. Beautiful day, lost of grass to sit on, everyone seemed pretty happy. I am walking distance as well, I think I will be going a lot this year.

    1. You've piqued my interest. I'm not very familiar with getting around Brooklyn (I know the basics). How do you get to the red hook ball fields? What's the address? Are the vendors only there on Sundays?


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        You really should check it out. It's one of the not so best kept secrets of Brooklyn street food.
        I wish I could tell you exactly how to get there - I usually ride my bike.
        Maybe this might help?

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          The vendors operate at the corner of Bay St. and Clinton on both Saturday and Sundays. Here's a map - http://porkchop-express.blogspot.com/...

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            I was there this saturday. It has become one of my favorite things about NYC, not just for the food (which is awesome) but for the hang out and setting, and the fact that it's all so home grown.

        2. Thanks all. NYT "Diner's Journal" had a little write up on it yesterday too.


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            J. Slab is famous!! But there goes the neighborhood...I hope the crowds die down a bit...

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              I don't think there's any chance of the Ballfields morphing into Shake Shack South. The location is remote, there's no Danny Meyer connection, and best of all, the lines are short. I expect that things will settle down to normal in a couple of weeks after the pent up demand is satisfied.

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                Even with all of the anticipation (noted here and elsewhere on the blogs), last Saturday wasn't really that crowded at all, just busy -- I've experienced considerably worse there.

          2. Oh thank you for this post - I was curious when Soccer Taco (that was my old roomate's name for that area) was going to open again for the season. . . Viva Futball! y tacos!

            1. yeah the soccer fields are relatively easy to get there by subway (I walked this weekend instead of biking); take the G train to the last stop (Smith-9th Street), make a right when you exit, walk two blocks along 9th street and you'll walk under the BQE and end up on Clinton Street. Hang a soft left and walk about 9 blocks down to the corner of Bay and Clinton, and there's the main entrance. it is super crowded, what with the news now of a possible change in vendor status and Chuck Schumer's press conference, but still some finds. My one tip is, there are some port-o-sans in the far corner of the enclosed area, all the way to the left, in the corner.

              1. goat tacos are good (steamed/stewed), right side at the very end, in a pot. (perez tacos)
              2. quesadillas (from either vendor to the left or right but I prefer the left) are getting boring
              3. pupusas from the second stand on the left are good (lainez salvadoran, with the purple slaw)
              4. triple-length fried taquitos from the next vendor over are good, for $3 you get a couple different salads and toppings and things. (guatemala sign, I think)
              5. tamale from the same vendor is a bit too watery, but actually, a totally different tamale experience from what I've ever had, in terms of how wet it was. good though, esp. w/ the red cabbage slaw and green hot sauce available.

              also walked all the way around to the baseball fields which had some interesting stands:

              1. a woman only doing tortas milanesa in the far corner
              2. lots of fried circular taquito-type things
              3. some tripe tacos that looked amazing

              that whole area used totally makeshift equipment but seemed somewhat more rustic, and way less crowded with los gringos. many stands had big bowls of cilantro available and it seemed way more casual.

              J. Slab, how about a map for the baseball fields? Your soccer one is quite handy.