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May 6, 2007 04:26 PM

Croyden House Chicken Soup Mix

Help. I can not longer find my favorite chicken soup flavoring, Croyden House Chicken soup mix. It comes in a small jar and is usually found in the Kosher section of Kroger. I can no longer find this soup flavoring or the Croyden House Matzo Ball Soup Mix. I live in the Atlanta Area but would be more than happy to buy it via the Internet.

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  1. Am wondering if you ever found the Croyden House Matzo Ball Soup Mix? I have been looking all over for it to no avail!

    1. I too am looking for Croyden House Chicken Soup Mix
      Did you ever find it
      I didn't realize it wasn't being sold anymore in my region, Montreal Area until this Passover.I even checked in the Boca region of Florida and nothing there either.
      I tried looking for the packaging Company but can't find it on the internet
      Did you have any luck.I would certainly purchase it in bulk
      Please let me know


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      1. re: sooky

        Croyden House Brand is now owned by Manischewitz contact them for info:

      2. I cannot find it in the metro Detroit area either, and would also be fine ordering online....

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        1. re: avraweiss

          you won't find it without a time machine. it has long been discontinued

        2. It's still available. Sold by Manischewitz. They aren't helpful if you ask where it's sold. It's on Amazon and

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          1. re: craigf

            Manishewitz bought the name a number of years ago. They are marketing Croyden House Matzo Ball Mix and Chicken soup aand Matzo Ball Mix only. It is NOT the same product as Croyden House use to make, but Manischewitz' standard mix in Croyden House labelling.
            They are not making and marketing the stand alone Croyden House Chicken Fkavored soup mix/base that was formerly sold. Also, the Croyden House Egg Drop Soup is no longer in production.

            1. re: bagelman01

              I have never had the Manishewitz mix, but it does taste similar to the old Croyden House mix. The broth certainly has the unnatural Day-Glo yellow that I remember.