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Sep 26, 2005 05:58 PM

I am SO broke in S.F.

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I am so ridiculously broke in S.F. (hopefully for a short-term) and am now needing to reconsider the spaces I used to eat when I had a little cash.

Any suggests on good, cheap food in the City...??? Don't care for sushi or dim sum...but anything else goes...


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  1. I live in the East Bay, but the SF Gate just reviewed "Bargain Bites" for the Bay Area. See link below.



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      This topic is two years old and has some out-of-date recommendations, here's a topic on the same subject from the past month:

    2. there's always the $2.00 bahn mi - some very good ones in the Tenderloin. Saigon sandwich and Wrap Delight on Eddy right by the Federal Building are quite good. Several others also in the neighborhood.
      There might even by some for $1.75? Then there's always the burritos in the Mission - filling and cheap. Taqueria San Jose, Pancho Villa, La Cumbre.....

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        Joan Kureczka

        Hard to go wrong with Rosamunde and a beer at Toronado.

        1. 6th & Bryant Taco Truck
          King of Thai Noodle house(various locations)
          Il Pollaio(in North Beach half chicken w/ fries and bread < $10).
          Bahn Mi Saigon, cheap and good!
          Plutos(Sunset & Marina)
          Chow(is it still considered cheap?)

          1. My favorite super-cheap eat is the Wor Won Ton Soup at Just Wonton in the Sunset. Amazingly large amount of good food for about five or six bucks a person.