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May 6, 2007 02:58 PM

Spega la Natura Yogurt?

Hi everyone,

I tried Spega la natura apricot yogurt from trader joes in Toluca Lake. i thought it was pretty good, but love berry yogurts, saw on their website they have berry flavored yogurts. only saw the cinnamon and ginger and apricot yogurts at traders. anyone know where i can get more flavors?

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  1. I believe Whole Foods carries the mixed berry flavor.

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    1. I love berry yogurts too but you really should try the cinnamon ginger one. It's kind of an odd color, but it is sooo good.

      1. The TJs I frequent in Culver City has the mixed berry one.

        1. I think it just depends when you go. Gelson's usually carries Spega as well.