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May 6, 2007 02:11 PM


Got a friend who will be there for 3 weeks, he needs a good place to dine a few times and 2 or 3 great places to dine and maybe one place with some good roast beef po-boys. Are there Community Coffees in Shreveport? Thanks for the help in advance!

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  1. Go to the South board and do a search for Shreveport. You will find a lot of listings from cheap and casual to really fine dining. Our favorites are Ernest's Orleans Restaurant, The Village Grille and Superior Grill. There is a lot of info on the Shreveport board about these and others.

    1. Hi. I'm originally from Shreveport but now live in Orlando. I'm going home to visit my mom this week and was doing a search on places for mother's day brunch and saw your posting. There are so many great places to eat - depends on what kind of food your friend wants and what price range...but for a nice meal AND authentic Louisiana cuisine I highly recommend Ernest's Orleans restaurant downtown. It's been there for years with generations of the family running it and is absolutely the best. They also have live bands in the lounge. Great crab claws! Also Superior Steakhouse (and the superior mexican one that someone else mentioned) are great. The Oyster House on Line avenue is also good. For great casual italian and awesome muffaletta sandwiches, go to Monjuni's. Guess that's it for now! Enjoy!

      1. Seems like most of the best restaurants are either on or near Line Avenue. Here's a quick rundown: Superior's Steaks has good to very-very good steaks and seafood. And they have a variety of specialty olives for martinis. Those olives are huge and the best ones to me are stuffed with blue cheese!!! Lord it makes my mouth water for a martini right now. Someone else I know always orders the quail on yellow grits instead of a steak. I've been there several times with this friend and we also recommend the crabcakes. I like eating in the bar or the smoking room which has a hearth. Both rooms are beautiful and the bar has a baby grand. One night I met John Goodman at the piano - well sort of met him. He was at the piano singing Randy Newman songs about Louisiana, so I went over and plopped down at one of the six or seven stools at the piano. Does that qualify as "a meeting"?
        Another good restaurant on Line Ave is called Bistro. I was real impressed bc it serves fois gras (one of my favorite foods) topped with a raspberry coulis. Yum, it inspired me to find a store that sells fresh fois gras - I bought several lobes, cut them into slices, seared the slices and served them on polenta with a beef reduction sweetened with currant jelly. I got good reviews.
        Olive Street Bistro has wonderful veal osso bucco, but it's not on the menu every night. It's in a grand old Victorian home near the hospitals a few blocks off Line Ave.
        There is a new restaurant called Guiseppe and supposedly it has the same management as Olive Street Bistro. Guiseepe's is favorite restaurant in Shreveport because the terrace is shaded by trees in the afternoons and offers a pretty view. Very pleasant to sit out there and sample their innovative cocktails made from a base of soured lime mash and served with a raw sugar cane stick instead of a stir stick. The premier dish in my humble opinion is the rack of lamb in a red onion sauce. You might also try the crab pancake which is a very thin crustless quiche and the sauce is buttery with a hint of curry. Interesting looking soups on the menu also.
        Then on King a few blocks East of Byrd High School, there is a small but very pretty restaurant called Columbia Cafe. Once again I recommend the lamb, it is served with an arugula pesto and grilled asparagus. I've also tried their seared scallops with sage butter and that was delicious, just delicious.
        For less expensive fare, someone recently recommended Fertitta's or Herby K's. The latter is famous for it's "shrimp buster." No idea what that is, but it's supposed to be a crowd pleaser.
        I can't recall a CC's in Shreveport.
        Enjoy ... and post your own reviews after you get there.