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May 6, 2007 01:12 PM

San Diego - Frozen Yogurt

I've noticed that frozen yogurt is very popular in San Diego based on the large number of storefronts. Are any significantly better than the others? I'm in Carlsbad, so north county locations are preferred but I'll definitely drive for the best. Thanks.

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  1. Current buzz is around Yogurt World in Kearny Mesa. They have 12 (I think) self-serve flavors with dozens of toppings -- everything from cap'n crunch to fresh fruit to mochi. You mix up your own cup of yogurt and toppings, and may by weight at the end. Price is $.38 per ounce. What makes them special is that they always have 4 "tart" flavors - yogurt that actually tastes like real yogurt, slightly tart. These are still sweet, just not ice cream-sweet. I love a cup of plain-tart with coconut, strawberries and blueberries. Or plain mixed with "very berry" with chocolate chips!

    Here's a link:

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      Cool...thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely check it out.

    2. There's a Golden Spoon in Poway (I've seen other locations around, too) and they are my favorite for frozen yogurt (as a sub for ice cream). The texture is creamy and the flavors are really good. It tastes more like soft ice cream than frozen yogurt. I also love that they have a mini size, as sometimes you just want a small bite.

      I do like Yogurt World, but for a different craving. I like the plain tart mixed with some "regular" flavors. If the tart lychee is there, get it! Also, the banana custard is just to die for!

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        Rockies and Yogurt Express are the best. I tried Yogurt World and it just didn't taste right, not sure why. The tart flavors tasted like a powder mix or something, which means it's not yogurt. If you go a bit east, try Yogurt Mill in El Cajon. You won't be disappointed. For the money, Rockies can't be beat. It's fine tasting yogurt and the price is about half of what Yogurt World charges. Sometimes the line gets kind of long at night as does Yogurt Mill.

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          I've had good yogurt at Rockie's, but it's not really comparable to Yogurt World, IMO. The two are pretty different in terms of what they offer. Rockie's has the standard sweet froyo that is more like soft-serve ice cream. Yogurt World's tart flavors are not to be found there. What about the tart flavors makes you think it comes from a powdered mix?

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            I hassled the young guy (I think related to the owners) who works there (before they actually had employees) about their yogurt, specifically re: Pinkberry and their dispute with the CA Dept. of Agriculture.

            He said that they import their yogurt in liquid form from Korea, and there is no powder mixing. It´s real yogurt. I believe him, since you can usually taste the powder in the yogurt at popular places like Paradise Yogurt.

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          BTW, there is a Golden Spoon in carlsbad off of el camino real (since you are over there) --quite good.

          1. re: Jeters

            We like Golden Spoon, too, as there's one close to us. However, we sometimes get the craving for those "real yogurt" flavours Yogurt World has.

            Rockies - based on mapquest, it looks like it's in the same strip mall as K's Sandwiches. Is that right?

        3. Don't know if this is old news, but there's supposedly a Pinkberry opening in Hillcrest soon, at 4th and Robinson. Good luck finding parking.

          However, there is a lawsuit against Pinkberry charging they don't actually serve yogurt, and the Dept. of Agriculture is working something out with them about how they make their "yogurt". You can read it on the web.

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            hmm, it'll be a battle of who's got the better parking--Yogurt World or Pinkberry!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. San Marcos has it's own version of Pinkberry now called WhiteCup Frozen Yogurt. It has a few more flavors than Pinkberry, similar fresh fruit and dry toppings except no mochi. A large 13 oz. yogurt with 3 toppings was $7.25 so the pricing is similar to Pinkberry and is more than enough for 2. They have plain yogurt, green tea, acai, and today they had mango and raspberry. They offer a frequent purchaser punch card. Overall, the pricing at Yogurt World is cheaper and they have a lot more topping selections, but iIf you want to get something similar to Pinkberry without driving to Temecula, this is pretty close. The other plus is that there is plenty of parking. WhiteCup frozen yogurt is located in the Grand Plaza shopping center -- Avenida Las Posas exit off the 78

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                Woohooo I have been waiting for them to open. Also at North County Fair Mall (westfield mall) in Escondido "yogurberry" is opening up in the Food COurt on the 3rds level.

                1. re: Ela0427

                  How fun....have some yogurt and walk it off by walking around Nordstrom Rack.

                  1. re: Ela0427

                    yay its open! but 7 bucks for yogurt..jeez...

                    1. re: Jeters

                      i am going this afternoon...i think 7 bucks was for a large. we'll see.