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May 6, 2007 12:47 PM

Any suggestions for boxed lunch for teachers?

Every year at the end of the school year, I send a really nice boxed lunch to my kids' teachers. I figure they must already have enough mugs and trinkets and everyone likes food right?

I usually put in chicken salad on croissants, fruit, cookies, that sort of thing. But I'm wondering if anyone has any other fun and tasty ideas.

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  1. First I think it is really nice that you want to recognize your kids teahers. From a teachers perspective it would not be my preferance to have lunch sent in to school because I usually only have 15-20 minutes to eat. Really not enough time to enjoy a nice lunch. Of course this may be different in the case of your kids teachers. Some homeade bread, cookies, granola or nice breakfast treats would be welcome because I could enjoy them when I had more time.
    I would love a gift certificate to a nice food store, wine shop or restaurant (5-10 dollars gets a nice chunk of cheese or part of a meal.)

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      Suppose it depends on the teacher and school atmosphere but see what you're getting at. Your post made me remember that when my mom taught high school she always brought her own packed lunches home untouched at the end of the day. Imagine that a big plate of cookies in the teacher's lounge would have had quite a different reception. Now that she's in a different job which involves long socializing lunches, she complains that it's making her fat. Breakfast idea is kind of neat alternative for a good cook who wants to show appreciation through a meal.

    2. The lunch you usually provide sounds great -- what can beat home-made cookies? But if you want to mix it up a bit, how about:

      * proscuitto and a really nice butter on baguette (assuming the teachers aren't vegitarian).
      * Balsamic-basted grilled veg basted (but you'd need to pack in paper take-out boxes or tupperware as putting them in a baggie doesn't seem appetizing).
      * Pictachio cupcakes with lemon icing for the sweet.
      * Home-made lemon/lime-ade

      1. What a nice idea! I wish some of my students' parents would think of the same thing! :) It's true that we don't have much time to eat, but I would love the "excuse" to sit down for a nice lunch. How about combining keeping the lunch idea but also including something that can be saved for later? Anything that's pretty easy to eat (i.e., not falling out of the bread), along with whole fruit (which can be saved for later), and a nice iced tea or other drink would be great. And then you could pack up some cookies that can be saved for later. Spiced nuts might be nice. I eat almonds a lot since they give me energy and I can carry them anywhere.

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          Thanks! I used to be a high school teacher and it seemed like a good idea to me. I've always cleared it with the teachers first before dropping it off. It's always been something they can take home later too.

        2. shannon,

          i'm a teacher who appreciates and eats anything a parent so kindly gives to's a very classy ( no pun intended ) thing to do