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Any recomendations for good breakfast north of the bridge?

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  1. Le Croissant - San Rafael
    Pier 15 - San Rafael
    La Boulangerie - Strawberry ... breakfast in that Bay Bread sort of way ... more pastries.

    1. We liked the Dip Sea in Mill Valley. Parking is tight, but breakfast has always been yummy.

      1. My current Marin breakfast favorite is Pier 15 in San Rafael. Here's my very recent post about it as well as more suggestions in the thread.


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          Thanks, I used this post to find a place to meet friends between San Francisco and Santa Rosa for breakfast. Pier 15 was great: an interesting location and good food.

        2. Let the hissing and booing commence, but I have lately taken to going to IHOP in San Rafael. I've become enamored of their crepes, particularly their "Swedish" ones with lingonberry butter and jam. The "German" rendition (lemony) is good too. Avoid the "French" style -- just crepes topped with a blob of orange marmalade.

          When I've had my fill of this crepe madness, I'll return to my old standby -- Le Croissant on Bellam in San Rafael. If there's another place in Marin that serves cafe au lait, I don't know about it. That, and one of their humongous croissants gets the day off to a nice Parisian-style start.

          1. Half Day Cafe in Kentfield. Quintessential Marin. Crowded in Weekend mornings.
            Cafe Z Epicerie in Greenbrae.

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              Half Day Cafe many years ago used to be the ultimate Marin brunch spot, with folks lined up on weekends. Then a few years ago, they lost the magic and were screwing up on things they used to do best, with a resultant drip-off in patronage. Are they back on track?

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                I grew up going to Half Day, but haven't gone much in recent years since I don't live in the area anymore. The few times I've gone recently, it's been solid.

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                  I went for Huevos Rancheros 4 days back. Fresh salsa, if a one year shelf life's fresh. Beans were cooked 'rare.' Rubber cheese.

                  Seriously, it was a foul experience. Nice building, midwest diner food. Don't bother. I noticed the only other patrons were well North of 60 Years Young, perhaps afflicted of dulled taste buds.

              2. I really like The Anchorage on Gate Five Rd. at the Northern end of Sausalito. Great American and Mexican breakfast and lunch dishes and very friendly people.

                1. Lighthouse on Bridgeway in Sausalito.

                  1. A very pleasant brunch can be had at the Garden Cafe in Novato. Ignacio Blvd. exit, immediately head North on the west side frontage road. Not far from Ignacio Blvd.


                    If brunch isn't too late for you....

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                      I'll highly second the Garden Cafe - but it is weekends only -- comes with fabulous plate of homemade breakfast pastries (scone and coffee cake) wtih lemon curd and jam!

                    2. Comforts in San Anselmo. There's a deli connected to the restaurant, but the food in the restaurant (breakfast and lunch) is very good.

                      1. pine cone diner in pt. reyes station gets my vote.

                        1. For an unusual and tasty breakfast in a casual setting, try Sartaj India Cafe in Sausalito.

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                            Good morning, could you tell us more about your favorites at Sartaj? Here's an older posting about it -

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                              I love their Indian herbed egg dishes for breakfast, and their vegetarian curry #2 at lunch (comes w/samosa). My friends say the chicken masala is to die for.

                          2. Can't say I'm an expert in the Marin breakfast scene, but I've enjoyed many good breakfasts at the Dipsea (Mill Valley), Mama's Royale Cafe (Mill Valley), and Bogie's (San Rafael, near the civic center). I prefer the latter two, because they are funky and fun, and the Dipsea is usually crowded and a little on the "yuppie" side.

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                              I went to Mama's Royal Cafe several months ago for the first time in a long time. The waitress recommended the corned beef hash which I ordered. It was like something out of a can (whether it was or wasn't), very forgettable, and the so-called English muffins were more like wonder bread in a round shape. I also could see into the kitchen from my table and in a stack of boxes was a big one with "MARGARINE" on the side.

                              I used to enjoy this funky place and I don't know if my standards have changed or it has gone way downhill. kresge86 above likes it, but that last visit was a bad experience in ways that aren't attributable to an off day.