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May 6, 2007 12:05 PM

Palace of Fine Arts Area

We will be attending a couple of SF Jazz performances in May & June at the Palace of Fine Arts. Do you have any dining recommendation for that area? Preferably within walking distance if possible. Hot dog stands included.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Second both of these. For cheaper fare, I like Pluto's and Dragonwell. If Chestnut Street is too far, Baker Street Bistro and Liverpool Lil's are solid choices right up the street.

      1. re: Husky

        cafe maritime. taste of the himalaya.

      2. We recently had one of the best meals ever at Alegrias, Lombard between Webster and Fillmore, a mostly tapas restaurant we've patronized for years.

        1. The Presidio Social Club ( is also nearby. We had the Gruyere Cheese Toast for an app, the Mac & Cheese, Kobe Beef Sliders and mini chocolate cupcakes with a mini vanilla shake.

          1. A16

            Above and beyond all else in immediate walking area.


            Bistro Aix
            Plumpjack (? new chef - no experience yet ?)
            Mamacita (LOUD)

            Taste of the Himalayas is also good, but the service can be very slow