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May 6, 2007 11:43 AM
Discussion where do you like to buy fresh fish?

I have had very good luck buying fresh fish at WH in Brighton. But it seems that my experience is not shared by many others. Where are your tried and true fish markets?

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    1. captain marden's in wellesley

        1. New Deal in Cambridge. My reasons have been covered in other threads.

          1. Courthouse Fish on Cambridge St, East Cambridge.

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              I would endorse both New Deal and Courthouse, but I think New Deal is largely superior to Courthouse. Here's but one example of the difference: at New Deal, I got cuttlefish with ink sacks intact (but you can have them remove them and put them in a separate baggy); at Courthouse I could get only squid (not as good as cuttlefish IMO), with ink FROM A JAR, offered separately. In general, also, I've found freshness and quality to be a notch higher at New Deal.