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First Date Veggie Restos (GTA)

Hey guys..
My first post to this board .. what an awesome resource!

Anyway, I'm going on a first date with a girl who's a vegetarian (which I am not). So - I was wondering if anyone knows of a nice restaurant (e.g. first date nice - i.e. not a dive) with great veggie offerings. Any suggestions serving unconventional or fun fare would be welcome!

Great thanks!

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  1. graceful vegetarian (up near Pacific mall) is a cool choice (if you have wheels to get there). It's all vegetarian dim-sum, and there are plenty of little bakeries and other shops around too.

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      while graceful is good (so is gourmet veg restaurant and sam's wok) both are not 'classy'

      i would go with Fressej

    2. Fressen on Queen has a nice vibe and the food is quite good -- plus it's a sharing menu, good for first dates :)

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      1. re: Super Nintendo Chalmers

        I second Fressen... like Super says, good food and suitably date-y atmosphere.

      2. Live, on Dupont just east of Spadina.
        Not only vegetarian, but also all food is raw - and surprisingly tasty.
        Great ambiance - and chance of some stargazing.

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          Live has a few cooked macrobiotic dishes.

        2. you could eat well as a veggie or not at Tabuleh or Jerusalem
          it's easy and fun to eat all veggie at Ethiopian House, they even have a veggie tasting platter with 8-10 different dishes.

          1. What about Fresh (by Juice for Life) @ Spadina + Queen? Yummy veg food and lots of places in the area to go afterwards. I think it's nice enough for a first date - personally, too nice for a first date creeps me out. But maybe that's just me!

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              The food at Fresh is delicious, but if the location at Bloor and Spadina is anything to go by it may not be the best choice for a first date only because it is quite noisy and tables are very close together, leading to little or no privacy for first date conversations.

            2. If she is vegetarian and you are not, why not take her to a nice Italian restaurant? Plenty of veggie choices for her plus land & sea creatures for you. What neighbourhood will you be dining in?

              1. Boujadi is a Moroccan restaurant with great veggie options plus meat for the non-vegetarians.
                I second Ethiopia House as a good choice.
                Most of the Greek restaurants on the Danforth have vegetarian options.

                1. wow thanks for all of your posts! i think fressen may get my pick .. but has anyone heard of Cafe 668 (number one pick from http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2006...)? does it live up to the hype?

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                    best veg rest in toronto. Small though you may have to wait awhile for a table.

                    but even you will like it <S>

                    Warning there are two veg restuirnats next to each other and third just a block away.

                    668 is the best, but the other two aren't bad (buit not first date material)

                    1. re: galambo

                      ive decided on fressen .. seems like a bit of a nicer/hipper place than 668 - but that'll be the second date i think no doubt .. i also really liked the various ethnic suggestions (jewish [which we are]. moroccan and ethiopian). while i'm not a veggie, i really dont need to eat meat - i just like tasty food!

                      again, thanks everyone .. this has to be one of the best communities on the web

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                        You'll love Fressen, but Fresh is an excellent choice for your second date. Try the one on Queen just west of Bellwoods park, it's great and the staff are excellent.

                        1. re: ryth

                          I second the Fresh on Queen West near Bellwoods -- good stuff!