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May 6, 2007 11:20 AM

First Date Veggie Restos (GTA)

Hey guys..
My first post to this board .. what an awesome resource!

Anyway, I'm going on a first date with a girl who's a vegetarian (which I am not). So - I was wondering if anyone knows of a nice restaurant (e.g. first date nice - i.e. not a dive) with great veggie offerings. Any suggestions serving unconventional or fun fare would be welcome!

Great thanks!

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  1. graceful vegetarian (up near Pacific mall) is a cool choice (if you have wheels to get there). It's all vegetarian dim-sum, and there are plenty of little bakeries and other shops around too.

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    1. re: rbc

      while graceful is good (so is gourmet veg restaurant and sam's wok) both are not 'classy'

      i would go with Fressej

    2. Fressen on Queen has a nice vibe and the food is quite good -- plus it's a sharing menu, good for first dates :)

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      1. re: Super Nintendo Chalmers

        I second Fressen... like Super says, good food and suitably date-y atmosphere.

      2. Live, on Dupont just east of Spadina.
        Not only vegetarian, but also all food is raw - and surprisingly tasty.
        Great ambiance - and chance of some stargazing.

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        1. re: estufarian

          Live has a few cooked macrobiotic dishes.

        2. you could eat well as a veggie or not at Tabuleh or Jerusalem
          it's easy and fun to eat all veggie at Ethiopian House, they even have a veggie tasting platter with 8-10 different dishes.

          1. What about Fresh (by Juice for Life) @ Spadina + Queen? Yummy veg food and lots of places in the area to go afterwards. I think it's nice enough for a first date - personally, too nice for a first date creeps me out. But maybe that's just me!

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            1. re: caddie

              The food at Fresh is delicious, but if the location at Bloor and Spadina is anything to go by it may not be the best choice for a first date only because it is quite noisy and tables are very close together, leading to little or no privacy for first date conversations.