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May 6, 2007 11:17 AM

new reno mexican restaurant, coco's

Hi Reno Chowhounders,

I recently had dinner at Coco's Mexican Restaurant on N. Wells Ave. It was really good! I had chicken mole, my friend had grilled fish. They had a lot of fish on the menu. I am quite picky about mole, and I think that this one was quite good. Our waiter said that they are very busy at lunch. Work checking out!

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  1. Thanks for the report, Barbara. Do you specialize in any particular cuisine?

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    1. re: SteveTimko

      Hi Steve,
      No, I love everything. I am not sure if they have a particular regional focus or not. Try it and post!

      1. re: barbara k

        I went to Coco's today. I had driven past it before but had not stopped in. Back in my freshman year of college that place used to be a Wendy's. It seemed like they spent forever remodeling it, and then a month or two after they finished remodeling it they shut it down. I'm not sure it was ever a restaurant again until Coco's opened.
        I decided to try a tough dish to cook, so I ordered the shrimp ala diabla, or however you spell devil in Spanish.
        The spicy sauce with the shrimp was very good. Good enough that I used a tortilla to soak up extra and eat it. I left with a pleasing sting on my lips.
        I have to confess something, though. I'm a baby sometimes when it comes to food. I can do some things authentic, but others, I just can't adapt. They served the shrimp with the shells on and I didn't like it. I tried a few that way, but the texture -- yuck! So I spent a good part of the meal peeling the shrimp out of the shells.
        The rice and beans and the chips and salsa were pretty ordinary.
        I'd like to go back and try something else soon. There was a meatball dish in chipotle sauce that looked promising.
        Coco's Mexican Restaurant is at 1499 N. Wells Ave., near the north end of the fairgrounds. Some people might have a hard time finding it.