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Best Pupusas in Brooklyn?

Can anyone suggest where to get a delicious Salvadorean pupusa?

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  1. Red Hook ballfields on weekends. Freshly made.

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      I second this recommendation. Really tasty, really nice people.

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        I also second the vote for El Continental. I eat there several times a week as I live around the corner and they are consistently fantastic. If you like Salvadoran food you should also try the carne con chirimol, which is a marinated steak with fantastic salsa. The soups are also excellent and they have very interesting drinks like maraƱon (cashew fruit juice), chan (don't know the name in English), grenadilla (passion fruit juice) and horchata. Finally, although it's not particularly Salvadoran, their flan is among the best I've had.

      2. El Cerrito 2024 McDonald Avenue (Kings Highway stop on the F train)

        El Morro Restaurant 4018 14th Avenue (Ditmas Ave stop on the F train)

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            El Bahia Restaurant in williamsbgurg, great food and you can also purchase cream and quesadilla (cake) from them. They have a cute little garden in the back

          2. I'll add that El Morro offers some uncommon ingredients like spinach, squash, and shrimp in their pupusa.

            1. El Pulgarcito de America Corporation (yes, that's the name!) - 3133 Fulton Street, in East New York. Overall, a notch better than the ones I've had at the Red Hook ballfields, though those are excellent too. If you're there, definitely get the guacamole too--also outstanding.

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                Pulgarcito is a diminutive character in a children's comic book. The phrase "Pulgarcito de America" is a common Salvadoran phrase meaning (drumroll) The Pulgarcito of America. It just means we are the smallest country in the contiguous American continent, but like Pulgarcito,we're resilient!

              2. Idk know if anyone checks this but i really love the ones at bahia's i went there a couple of times and not only was the pupusas were great the dishes and service was great also very friend and romantic looking place.