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May 6, 2007 10:31 AM

Pacific Mall- what do you eat there?

So I took my first trip to Pacific Mall. I was headed there to discover cheap electronics, etc....and surprisingly found the FOOD to be the hit!
Up the escalator, on the left side, was an amazing resto. Its nothing fancy, but offers a variety of asian delights under one roof. We ordered sushi, beef pad thai and lemon chicken. MMMMMM. My friend insisted the spicy salmon sushi was the best he ever had. The lemon chicken was so good, fried with panko bread crumbs. The beef in the pad thai was very tender. The portions were large and we left there stuffed and satisfied.
I really enjoyed the meal.
There were so many other delights to be explored. This was just the beginning. I will definately be going back. I look forward to hearing where else others have eaten.

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  1. Go to the foodcourt in Heritage Town (upstairs), we go for lunch once or twice a week. Check out the BBQ Pork/Duck at Shark's Fin City or the amazing handmade noodles at Sun's Kitchen. Definitely recommend Sun's Kitchen.

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      The resto up stair is sub-par but YES, the BBQ Pork Duck at Shark Fin City is some of the best chinese style BBQ in GTA !! The shark fin soup combo is nothing fancy but with like $20, you can get a decent shark fin soup with BBQ of your choice.

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        Definitely try the handmade noodle at Sun's Kitchen. It is upstairs at the end on your right. Also try mango slush with tapioca at any bubble tea place. Or taro bubble tea. At Market Village, right by the BMO bank and supermarket, there is a restaurant that specializes in wonton noodle. Very tasty for $4.50 a bowl. There is also a great congee place off the market village food court. It is right next to the dim sum restaurant. Sorry I do not know the english names of these places but they are not hard to find.

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          Oh ya, the handmade noodles shop... everytime I'm about 10 stores down, I can hear the slapping sounds already, and know the fresh noodles are being made. Too bad their soups and other ingredients aren't anything special.

          Also love the Durian bubble tea at this one tiny stall at the north-east corner of the mall. I can't remember the name again, but it's the one with all these different colored paper print outs of the menu on the glass windows. They use really good quality Durian ice cream to make it, and their bubbles are really nicely textured (I only drink bubble tea once or twice a year).

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            Re: Sun's Kitchen - their website ( says you can get a choice of Hand-made or Hand-cut noodles.

            Which ones do you guys get and recommend? I'm leaning towards the hand-cut............

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              I usually order the #2 spareribs if you like tender pork ribtips they separate from the soft bone. The handcut noodles are al dante and the broth is light, yet flavorful. Not a bad bowl of noodle soup that actually rivals places I tried in Hong Kong and even Shanghai China.

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            Every time I go to Pacific Mall I get so overwhelmed and don't know where to start! I don't know what's good and what's not...but this definitely helped. Thanks!

            1. re: greenduck

              If you like fried noodles, try Shanghai River that is straight ahead of the escalator. One of my favs is the Spicy Thai rice noodle, it is slightly spicy and sweet with flavourful fried egg, shrimps, and pork. Not nearly as greasy as the shanghai noodles with porkchops, which is yummy regardless (just order a side order of Coke).

          3. I have never been to the restaurant, but whenever in the area I always stop at Pacific Mall to grab a meal at the food court. My usual is the spicy peanut wonton in the stall in the far right corner and another random dish. The food is always tasty and extremely cheap!

            I will try the BBQ Pork and would love to hear some other standout dishes to try...

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              Try the BBQ duck too, highly recommend there. Actually, you can pick 2 or 3 kinds of BBQ with a dish of rice !

            2. Are there any vegetarian options in Pacific Mall's food court? I know there's Graceful Veg restaurant in Market Village.

              Thanks kindly!

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                I'm a vegetarian and initially I had some trouble finding food I could eat at Pacific Mall. I've also never heard of Graceful Veg restaurant in Market Village. I was there last time and hunted all over for a vegetarian restaurant, but to no avail. My grandma remembered there being a veggie restaurant there before but we figured it must have closed down.
                A lot of the dishes in P-Mall's food court are meat-based, and if not that, are most probably fried in the same oil as the meat. This is a minor complaint, though, and when you're vegetarian it's hard to be picky or else you'll have nothing else to choose from!
                I gravitate towards Pacific Mall's Heritage Town and go to Japanese Express, where they have the Vegetarian Maki Combo. It comes with 6 avocado rolls, some cold sesame noodles, sushi rolls with vegetable tempura in them, soup and green tea. It's around $6-$7, and it's pretty delicious.

                There is also a tofu place within that vicinity, but I'm not sure how good it is. I lined up there to order something once and the only guy who was serving was occupied with the same woman who had been standing there for at least 15 minutes! After waiting around 10 minutes just to order, I became so impatient that I just left. Again, not sure how the food is but can say that the service is pretty horrible.

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                  Graceful Veg is still definately there, but you can't get to it from inside the mall. It's on the far north side of the strip in Market Village.

                  1. re: Wil

                    If you look for Curry's art supplies, it's to the left of it (if you are facing it) and a few shops over.

              2. whenever i go to P-Mall i always get tons of chinese street food! the must haves are fresh fruit bubble tea (about $4)and stewed beef balls on a stick (4balls/$1) from food jungle. there is always a line up.
                usually i will get chinese waffles from upstairs in the heritage town. it's in the middle of the "town" there are 2 vendors there who are pouring the batter into the waffle makers ($3 each or 2 for $5). try the warm cookies made of the same batter with ice cream as well, i think those are $4.
                occasionally i will get a box of walnut cookies from the korean shop in Heritage town as well, i think it's around $5 for a container of 10 or 12.
                i love p-mall food!!!!!!

                1. Its all about City Inn, but its not cheap.