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Alphonso mangoes?

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One of my Indian friends tells me that this year it will be legal to start importing alphonso mangoes into the US (part of the nuclear deal with India - they get nuclear reactors, we get mangoes). Alphonsos are the most amazing mango you have ever had and the season is starting up now. Just curious if anyone knows of a source in the Boston area?

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  1. I'm completely intrigued by this. This may sound stupid but are they any relation to Alphonso olives? Probably not I know stupid question. I love mangoes but I am particular about which mangoes I buy. I like the soft yellow ones that are curvy. What is so unique about these mangoes you are talking about? Are they sweeter?

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        Thanks so much Rubee I appreciate the interesting article. There are many Indian Markets in Waltham so I guess I should check it out.