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May 6, 2007 09:58 AM

Barcelona Itinerary sound good?

So here is our itenerary for early June let me know what you think. I read alot of these posts and did a lot of research. All the old threads are very helpful. Please five me suggestions. I already have reservations for most dinner places.

Day 1
El Exampanet (lunch)
Senyor Parellada (dinner)

Day 2
Mercat Boquiera- Bar Pinotxo, perhaps Bar Ra, as well (lunch)
Torre D'Alta Mar (dinner) (no posts on this anyone been there? posted previous thread with no response.)

Day 3
Cava Country

Day 4
(lunch somewhere in Eixample while shopping)
Cinc Sentis (dinner no reservation yet but emailed a couple days ago)

Day 5
Lunch somewhere by beach/aquarium
Can Ros (dinner)

Day 6
Cal Pep (lunch if the line isn't too brutal)
Comerc 24 (dinner)

Day 7
Caseta del Migdia (will be at Montjuc all day)
Thought I would cook dinner that night will have kitchen and bf loves for me to cook.

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  1. Restaurant Passadis del Pep (Pla del Palau No 2) fantastic, one of the most memorable meals I've eaten. The waiter kindly took us in hand, bringing dish after dish of delicious fish tapas - 10 in all - followed by perfectly cooked white fish. It was amazing. We'd eaten at Cal Pep a couple of evenings earlier and loved that too. It doesn't open til quite late, so don't assume as we did that they were closed. Also restaurant difficult to find, v small sign on door, and then down a corridor. Cannot speak too highly of it.

    1. We're also going to be in Barcelona in early June. I'm wondering if you've settled on a destination or itinerary for your Cava country trip. How far is that from BCN? Are you driving or taking a bus? Thanks, and have a great trip.

      1. Torre d' Alta Mar:

        Stunning views of the City and that is what you pay for.
        Food is fine but overpriced.

        1. PVU thanks! I was wondering about that. I am glad the food is fine. I think it is more for the ambiance, btu didn't want to go if the food wasn't at least decent.

          Robotcoupe- we are going to three places let me link to the thread.

          We rented an Alfa Romeo for the day and are driving to some different places. Google said they were about 30-45 minutes away we gave ourselves plenty more time to get lost. We liked these because you could fill out an online form to get a tour so we wouldn't have to call. I suggest as other people have doing a cava tour on a weekday as it seems a lot of places are closed on weekends or have restircted hours.