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May 6, 2007 09:53 AM

Eat on Sunset, Social, The Grill or Twist for pre-theater

Hollywood hounds, I desperately need your help!

I'm taking my bf to see Wicked on his bday. We both live in OC and are clueless about the new good restos in Hollywood. As you all know, Wicked is at Pantages. They have a dinner and show package and you can choose from these restaurants: Eat on Sunset, Social Hollywood, The Grill on Hollywood and Twist Restaurant in the Rennaisance Hotel.

Any recommendations for the best of the four choices: food-wise and romantic ambience points?

IF there are better choices walking distance to Pantages, I'm all ears!

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  1. Have only been to Social so can't speak to the other two -- but Social definitely a good choice. Fabulous and incredibly imaginative (and theatrical -- suiting a theater-going outing) front bar -- more amazing than anything you'd see upstairs so don't be put off that upstairs is "members only". The Morrocan-inspired decor in the main dining room is also quite beautiful. V. upscale Casablanca -- complete with white-coated servers. Food and service very good. A very lovely date-night spot.

    1. I'd opt for Hungry Cat or Sushi Ike, both easily walkable.

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        I'm not one of the big Hungry Cat boosters -- but a solid choice. Know in advance the food comes out as it's ready -- so you will not get your meals at the same time. Standard pactice is to share plates.

        Sushi Ike has been v. hit and miss in my experience. Sometimes solid -- sometimes (even when doing chef's choice) lacksidasical and mediocre. Atmosphere also very basic (which I don't mind -- but for a big date-night you've travelled all the way from OC for I think it might feel a bit anticlimactic).

      2. Twist isn't very good. I'd probably pick Social for the vibe and quality of food, Eat 2nd, then The Grill.

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          I think that The Grill is one of the best restaurants in town in terms of food quality and service... Social is good too and may be a bit more "happening"!!

        2. There's a restaurant right there, it's called "Hollywood & Vine" and it's just a few feet away from the theater. I saw Wicked there a couple of years ago and that's where I ate. It was very good. I sat at the bar and just had appetizers and drinks, and everything there (including the service) was top notch.

          It might not be the best place in that neighborhood, but it's definitely the most convenient. I'd say just because it will make the entire experience most relaxed to be able to eat and then walk to the show.

          If you're set on eating at one of those four though, I'd vote for The Grille on Hollywood. It's a little bit of a shlep to the theater, but the food is consistent.

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            They provide shuttle from HOllywood and HIghland so The Grille maybe my pick unless there are other suggestions?

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              It's sister restaurant, The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills is great. I've never been to the Hollywood location, but I would give it a try.

          2. Hungry Cat is a good option (esp. for seafood & cocktail lovers) but be sure to make reservations!

            Otherwise I'd do eat. on Sunset, or maybe Lucky Devils or Bowery for more casual fare (burger, beer, fries) -- LD is a bit of a walk, however.