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May 6, 2007 09:32 AM


Sorry if I'm repeating - I've searched for threads on best Moroccan food but found nothing.

Been craving excellent couscous royale and moist lamb/prune tagine - any suggestions?

Also anywhere where one can purchase preserved lemons? Have a recipe for chicken/olive/preserved lemon I want to try. - thanks

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  1. I ate at Le Couscous Royal 919, avenue Duluth Est a couple of months ago, and they were out of tagines! I was really upset. I tried a friend's (they ran out just before me) and I wasn't all that impressed. I think there must be better places than this one. I made the veggie tagine recipe on this site, and I liked it more than what I got there (and I don't even have a tagine - yet!).

    As far as preserved lemons go, there are several places to buy them on Jean-Talon Street near the market. There is a Moroccan (I think) place on the opposite side of the street from the SAQ kind of near the Tim Horton's that also sells couscous, olives, meats, almonds in all forms, and various other treats. The olives and lemons are in the back near the meat counter.

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      Anyone eaten at Le Mogador? I've just had tea there. On Beaubien, between St-Laurent and St-Denis (métro Beaubien, St-Laurent or Beaubien bus).

      1. re: lagatta

        I often walk by that place, and I can't say it looks very inspiring. Perhaps next time I should just bite the bullet and try it out.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          We finally went to Mogador, last night, after traipsing around the neighbourhood trying to find that wasn't either closed for vacation, full or closing for the night (darn that Pho Tay Ho closes early). It was very enjoyable. They brought us complementary olives and bread. Both were delicious. Even the water was delicious it was flavoured with lime and possibly orange blossom. I had the veal, prune and almond tagine (very good). She had the kefta tagine, meatballs in a tomato based sauce, which was quite good. We also had a very refreshing drink of lime and mint juice. We topped it off with some saffron mint tea. I couldn't really taste the saffron, but i reckon the mint woud have overpowered it.

          All in all it was a very nice experience. I'd go again to sample some different dishes. I really want to try the Pastilla. It's something I've never had, but have often read and heard about. Mogador will make it for you if you call a day in advance. They don't use pigeon, though. The menu says "volaille" so I'm guessing it's whatever fowl they can get their hands on.

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            Lagatta and SnackHappy, what's the decor like at Mogador? From the photo on the website, it implies that it's decorated in such a way as to make the guest think s/he has just stepped into a part of Morroco. Is that so? A friend and I are interested in checking this out, but I'd like to know the ambience before we go.

            Thanks in advance for any info.

            1. re: Chai Latte

              That is a bit exaggerated; it is a very simple place, but the décor is fairly nice; does have a faint Moroccan tearoom aura. And there are Moroccans among the patrons.

              I find it well-worth the money (this is not an expensive restaurant).

              1. re: Chai Latte

                My boyfriend complains of the low seating and low tables, but I don't mind. The music tends to be quite loud.

                1. re: mainsqueeze

                  I find the low tables and seats annoying too, (unless I'm just having tea) but they do have a few regular tables & chairs near the back. The only thing that I find kind of annoying about the atmosphere there, are the disco-like lights, also near the back.

            2. re: SnackHappy

              Snack Happy, just to say they have redone the front of the restaurant and it looks much more inviting than before.

            3. re: lagatta

              I had lunch there yesterday - they have a vegetarian salad that is incredible - I know, a salad is a salad, you may think, but I was blown away! Marinated eggplant, marinated grilled peppers, olives, and the vinaigrette is unlike any I have ever tasted.
              Had two tapas, shrimp & veal, which were good but not remarkable.
              Meals come with grilled flatbread and morrocan olives, which my date assured me were out of this world.
              The tagines looked and smelt delicious (there was a big family dining next to us who were sampling a few of them.
              The owner was extremely friendly & attentive.
              I plan on returning for dinner some time soon - let us know is you give it a try!

              1. re: Joy of food

                The prices look to be about half of those at Le Coucous Royal as well.

                1. re: Keramel

                  Yes, but Le Couscous royal is a byow, so unless you only drink mint tea, the tab would probably be about equal.

                  I was very disappointed with Le Couscous royal the last time I ate there, a couple of years ago, but of course I can't comment on its current state. We didn't feel like going back.

                  I think Mogador does have a larger custom among people from Morocco and elsewhere in the Maghreb (but this is from seeing people sitting outside and drinking coffee)...

                  I'd like to try the sardine balls tagine (like meatballs or chickenballs) - that is intriguing. Glad to hear about the good veg salad, for vegetarian friends.

                  1. re: lagatta

                    We wanted to try them as well but they are not offered on Sundays!

                2. re: Joy of food

                  My bf and I second the veggie plate - it was the best plate at the best price at $6. The appetizer kefta was not as spicy as I'd like but had good texture.
                  I wouldn't order their veggie couscous next time and instead, order a tangine.

                  The owner was indeed very friendly and assured us that we'd be back again. I am ashamed to say that we haven't yet returned...too many restaurants! :(

              2. re: Keramel

                Thanks Keramel
                am headed to the market this weekend and will go hunting for the lemons.

              3. My choice is El Morrocco. It is either on Peel or Stanley on the first floor of an appartment building mid-block between Sherbrooke and Dr. Penfield. It is pricey, decor is kitsch. I have eaten there twice but a number of years ago and food and service were excellent.

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                1. re: rooibus

                  El Menara in Old Montreal is also a consideration. I went a few years ago and the food was very good. They also have bellydancing entertainment on the weekends. It's a fun place.

                  1. re: rooibus

                    El Morocco Is on Drummond St Dowtown above Sherbrooke. It is inside an apartment building. They have really good authentic Moroccan cuisine. Check out their menu below...

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