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May 6, 2007 09:27 AM

Korean BBQ in SGV/Alhambra/Pasadena?

We've got out of town guests and they have a hankering for Korean tonight, preferably Korean BBQ. Any suggestions for where to got and what to order? Anything in San Gabriel, Alhambra, Pasadena area would be great. They've got an early flight out tomorrow so we don't want to do much driving and these would all be local. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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  1. First choice would be to drive them to Koreatown, which would be about extra 20 minutes.

    There is a Young Dong tofu on Las Tunas Ave and San Gabriel Blvd. (next to Tokyo Lobby) that is famous for soon tofu. They have bbq items, but it's not grill your own meat.

    Young Dong in Arcadia (corner of Huntington Dr. and Santa Anita Ave) also serves soon tofu, but someone grills the BBQ outside in the patio. It's also not grill your own meat.

    The only grill your own meat place in the area I know of is Gyu Kaku in Pasadena. It's Japanese/Korean, but worth a try if what they are looking for is grill your own meat. If not, I would recommend the places above.

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      If you can't go to Ktown, I agree with Whills. I've heard that the Young Dong in San Gabriel and Arcadia are owned by the same people. And i don't think they are bad at all. The place across the street from the Young Dong/Tokyo Lobby in San Gabriel isn't bad either. It's next to a place called the Ice Salon which serves sweets and chinese snacks.

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        Ditto this.

        Young Dong is probaby your best bet in SGV -- the Arcadia location is a bit better than the one in San Gabriel.

        Nothing like Park BBQ or Soot Bull Jeep in K-town, but it'll do.

    2. I would second the rec to go to K-town. Here's a post from this year on the same topic. There are a number of suggestions in the link. The only one that I've tried is Seoul Jung in Arcadia.

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        Thanks. Driving 20 minutes is out of the question tonight, I'm afraid. We don't require grill your own, somebody else grilling is fine. So it's Young Dong in San Gabriel, or Seoul Jung.Any other ideas out there?

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          In the link above, here are some other recs:

          Pete Wood BBQ in Monterey Park
          Manna in San Gabriel (?)
          Daban in La Crescenta
          Kasan in La Crescenta

          I haven't tried these yet, but they were recommended by others on this board.

      2. You said anything and I've never been to this place but saw it this morning. Next to the Hilton in the corner of the strip mall. They got a regular menu and an all you can eat for $21.95 for dinner and $17.95 for lunch.

        Korean BBQ & Tofu
        227 W. Valley Blvd. #138A
        San Gabriel

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          Tried this place, and I didn't think it was very good. I'm sure Pete Wood BBQ is better.

        2. I like Manna BBQ Restaurant in San Gabriel. My family has been going there since 1989.

          They have a great 2 people BBQ combination plate for $30.95. It has ribs (kalbi), beef (bulgogi), spicy pork, chicken and shrimp. My family of 5 usually just order 1 of that and some other dishes. You can grill your own meat on the table. But if you don't want to, you can also tell the waitress to have the kitchen cook it for you.

          I highly recommand their Gal Bi Chim, which is stewed beef spare ribs w/ carrots and radish ($11.95). It's just so delicious. I can finish 2 bowls of rice just with this dish.

          Took some pictures last time we went there. You can see them here:

          Manna BBQ Restaurant
          2010 N. San Gabriel Blvd.
          Rosemead, CA 91770
          (626) 307-5671

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            Nice pics. The grilled shrimp looked great! :)

            1. re: eileen216

              This was a family favorite as well when we couldn't make the trek out to Ktown. Korean restaurants in the SGV were sparse during the 90s.