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If you had to pick one restaurant to try in Silverlake...

What would it be?

(Prefer just very good food, relaxed nice atmosphere... open-air ambiance a plus but nothing really really expensive or at all stuffy/pretentious. If it's naturally hip, that's OK, but not if it just tries hard with a painful result.) :D

We like most cuisines.

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  1. I live in Los Feliz/Silverlake. I find myself eating at both Alcove and Tropicalia over and over. The food is consistantly good. Nice atmosphere, great service and reasonably priced. Each has their own vibe. Alcove is fantastic for outdoor dining. And while Tropicalia only offers sidewalk dining, eating indoors can be cozy (in a good way) and, I highly recommend sharing a glass of their sangria over a Salad Brasiliera (with filet mignon). Alcove make awesome barista drinks, serves a nice wine selection but, it's the pastry counters (yes, plural) that will blow you away!

    1. If hip and outdoor is what you seek, Cliff's Edge would suffice.

      I'd also suggest Blair's and Canele, though neither has outdoor seating, but the food is superior to Cliff's Edge.

      Stay away from Dusty's.




      Good luck!

      1. I like Gingergrass.... fresh and really yummy vietnamese cuisine, not too expensive either.... followed up with some drinks at Red Lion Tavern down the street for a nice evening out...

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          I had a really bad experience at Gingergrass. The chicken looked dodgy, but I stupidly ate some of it anyway and oh, how I regretted it. This was a couple of years ago and perhaps I just went on a very off night, but it was memorable for how terrible the experience was, so I felt compelled to comment!

        2. I'd pick Cliff's Edge. Sit in the patio for the relaxing ambiance, under the stars. Nice service, delicious food.

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            Ditto this, esp. in weather like today.

          2. Blair's is the place to go for excellent food.

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              Canale is my favorite-technicaly Loz Feliz.
              I second and third Blairs.
              I second Gingergrass.
              Dustys is awful.
              Cliffs Edge has great ambiance(cool outdoor patio, dark and relaxing indoor seating and bar, but really lacks in the food department.

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                I had deliciously seared scallops that were ever so slightly tinged with pear and basil last time, at Cliff's Edge. The chocolate pot and poached pear w/ marscapone ice cream was heavenly, too. Coupled with the patio, I love it there.

                1. re: chica

                  I found the food barely passable..But the ambiance was nice.

                  1. re: Diana

                    I wholeheartedly disagree. Perhaps you had an off-night.

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                      I concur with Diana. The food at Cliff's Edge is mediocre at best, especially for the price. It's only worth a visit for the patio. Blair's and even Gingergrass are much better bets.

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                        We can agree to disagree. The food's not phenomenal - there are definitely better places food-wise in LA for that price, but with the patio to boot, the food could be "mediocre," but certainly more than barely passable. :)

                        1. re: chica

                          I think it's sort of like Yamashiro. A ood patio or view and people forgive the chef much. For the price, though one can find the same ambiance with much, much better food.

                          it all depends upon what a person values most in a dining experience.

                          Me, when I pay someone else to cook, it has to be really good.

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                    Dusty's food is French, but unfortunately their service is a bit TOO French. You will literally wait 40 minutes before a waiter bothers to come over and take a drink order, no joke. I have seen people walk out of Dusty's on more than one occasion.

                    Clare K.

              2. I agree with all of the Blair's recommendations. Gingergrass is more casual and also fun. For outdoors, Cliff's Edge is delightful, and while it isn't Blair's, the food quality is quite good.

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                  Canele-althought it's Atwater. Good vibe, good, not great , food.
                  I like the atmosphere at Cliff's Edge, but the food was pretty mediocre.
                  I must say, though, the patio is lovely. The terrace at Edendale Grill is nice , too. I didn't like my two meals there, but my friends liked their meals ( the meatloaf).

                  Haven't been to Cafe Stella in a looong time, but that might be a good choice.Decent food as far as I remember, outdoor dining, pleasant feeling to the place...

                  I also like Cobra and Matadors for tapas/

                2. Go to Blair's for dinner, then cross the street to Edendale for after-dinner drinks. Blair's has the best food in Los Feliz/Silverlake, and Edendale has both a nice patio and a comfortable old-school wooden bar. The combo can't be beat.

                  1. Canele in Atwater.

                    Now... I'm thinking about their Beef Bourguignon. And my work is suffering.

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                      Ok, I've had their Beef Bouguingon - it's a little different but ... AMAZING!!! That is definitely the dish to have there.

                    2. Gingergrass Gingergrass Gingergrass...
                      Yum Yum Yum...
                      The Lunch Special Pork Chops...ah...yes.
                      The Lime/Coconut Bars...geeepers!
                      The soups...mmm.
                      The Salt-n-pepper squid..yippee!
                      Bao Sate'...Rocks!!!
                      the beer selection..great.
                      Make a special night and grab a bottle of Prosecco from Silverlake Wine and drink it with all their spicey goodies...

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                        i would say canele in atwater is best. maybe this reservoir place where nettys used to be will be good. i heard the chef was at aoc and lucques. gingergrass, blairs, edendale grill, cliff's edge all get business because there aren't any other options. the food and service are not very good at any of them. my suggestion in silverlake is drive to atwater.

                        1. Aroma on Sunset at Silverlake blvd. is really great. The printed menu looks pretty much like any italian rest. but the many daily specials are all kick ass amazing. Service is smooth and beyond polite. I've gone a few times and it is always a pleasure.

                          1. Having lived in the area for many years, I'm compelled to respond.

                            I use to love Blair's when it first opened. Several years later, I find the food unexciting and uninspired. The menu has barely deviated from the original, save for the price increases which has made Blair's an unfortunate no-brainer, must miss.

                            Canale is a good option and seems to be in it's sweet spot. Well executed food, comfortable space and $10 corkage are all positives. No reservations and spotty service (though only one server is the weak link) are the bummers.

                            Concur on Dusty's.

                            Not a fan of Cliff's Edge.

                            Edendale is a lovely bar scene, with not so great food.

                            Rambutan is a nice place, but personally I'll make the drive to Thaitown for my Thai fix.

                            We like our occasional trip over to The Kitchen. The food is not haute cuisine, but tasty and a nice homey/funky vibe. Very cheap corkage ($3?).

                            On Hillhurst, Tropicalia is pretty good. Farfalla is a good option for Italian. You can also have a glass of wine at the Vinoteca.

                            Lot's of options I know, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with Canale.

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                            1. re: Grog

                              Wow, Grog, I agree completely on all your opinions. Of course the original poster of a year ago has probably eaten already...
                              You didn't mention Gingergrass, which I find is usually tasty although sometimes inconsistent and always crowded.

                              1. re: Chowpatty

                                Picking up on this SL topic --

                                Has anyone noticed that the following restaurants have gone downhill?

                                Madame Matisse's -- ever since they stopped serving dinner, seems they don't care as much. Had rubbery eggs last time we went and the blueberry pancakes not as good as usual.

                                Michelengelo's -- ordered simple pomodoro pasta to go which is usually delicate and wonderful... when we got it home, the sauce was flavorless and bland.

                                On the upside -- Nicky D's has gotten better, they were lagging for bit -- now it's back in our rotation (though we love Il Cap pizzeria).

                                We need Chinese restaurants! So sick of Thai!!! Tried bbq on Melrose and it was not good (this was to go, so in fairness, may be better there).

                                1. re: Silverlaker

                                  I always walk past Bar Au Vin when I'm heading to the Silverlake Cheese Shop. It looks good to me, but I've never been. Can anybody comment?

                                  R. Jason Coulston

                                  1. re: Jason_Coulston

                                    I'm pretty sure Bar Au Vin is associated with Cafe Stella, which has decent French fare, if a bit pricey for the neighborhood.

                                  2. re: Silverlaker

                                    Michelengelo's is closing at that location.

                                  3. re: Chowpatty

                                    Chowpatty you always seem to know what's going on so any ideas of what's going into the EATWELL and BACK DOOR CAFE spaces?

                                    Didn't CHI DYNASTY move further down Hillhurst and a new Chinese place take over the old space?

                                    1. re: Hershey Bomar

                                      Hershey -- get this. Chi Dynasty and the "new Chinese" restaurant are the same owner and will have the same menu! We've been going to CD for years and are a bit sick of it -- ugh!

                                      1. re: Silverlaker

                                        Hmm. But isn't CD now down the block next to YE RUSTIC? I want a Cajun place in the neighborhood.

                                        I almost forgot a friend told me that the Haitian chicken place, Tigeorges, will soon be open for breakfast. The owner, Tigeorge, is promoting the coffee he grows on his family farm back home. Even trying to have it served on an airline.

                                        Good food. Great guy. But it never seems like it was prepared just for me. I'm a sucker for Caribbean rice and beans so I'm there a few times a year.

                                        309 N Glendale Blvd
                                        Los Angeles, CA 90026
                                        Phone: (213) 353-9994

                                        1. re: Hershey Bomar

                                          Hershey - yeah, that's the whole absurd thing. CD moved down the street and I have no idea why they're having a double restaurant in the old spot. Thanks for the Tigeoges tip -- never heard of it.

                                          1. re: Hershey Bomar

                                            Thanks for the tip on Tigeorge's for breakfast. I like it for lunch, and I'm always looking for a good new breakfast place. I agree, Tigeorge is a great guy.

                                  4. Thank god no one mentioned Alegria.
                                    Wouldn't want it to get crowded...

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                                      1. re: Hershey Bomar

                                        No good Mexican food either..
                                        Sorry! Never been a fan of Alegria.
                                        This thread confirms that SL is lacking in number of quality food choices! I pretty much concur with most posts. Canale stands out. Gingergrass good, but inconsistent. Edendale great bar space/do not eat there! Thai- go to Hollywood. Italian fav is Farfalla and Il Capricio. I do like Cliff's Edge though, and would only give strong thumbs up for Brunch, I love the space. Find
                                        myself at Kitchen many times by default!
                                        Am another TiGeorge fan, so glad to hear that he will have more hours? Have not had good luck with getting there due to limited hours, many times closed earlier than posted hours, I know he can run out of food..

                                    1. Want to chime in here. Long time SL resident, first time poster....

                                      CANELE - Food is decent, but spotty. I love the atmosphere/vibe and low corkage, which is what keeps us coming back. Lately I find myself ordering the pork over and over ... first time it was stellar and huge, second time it was small and bland, third time it was medium sized and good not great. Does the size inform the quality? :) Often find myself looking over at the hostess doing nothing as I am trying to motion for anyone to bring the check. Have tried most things on the menu. Never found a salad I like much. The one with shrimp is OK. Many items are drowning in olive oil. If there were better options I would not give Canele the time of day. But until then, we will eat here from time to time.

                                      BLAIRS - Agree with the poster who loved it when it opened, and has watched it stagnate with rapid price bumps. I also find their wine quality/price to be offensive. Let's see how much we can charge for a warm glass of wine that cost $8 for us to buy the bottle... pass! But that said, I think the food here is far better than Canele. It may be too pricey for what you get, but the gettin' is truly good.

                                      VERMONT - This place has been a roller coaster of quality over the years. But I think right now they are doing wonderfully. We absolutely love it here. The hostess is sweet as can be and makes us feel like regulars even though we are semi-regular at best. Food kinks have been largely worked out. We particularly aim to be there on nights with guest chef Laurent Quenioux (who opened then sold Bistro K in South Pass). After eating about 6 of his guest meals at Vermont, I would say they were all hits, except for the bouillabaisse -- Which was very good but too much effort to eat. At the price, I was expecting something a little lower maintenance. So I know it sounds like my comments on Vermont are mostly about these once a month or two guest chef dinners. But really the service has made us feel so good that we started trying other dishes. And to our dismay the menu as a whole is much improved. Not perfect, not cheap, but always a lovely evening. Oh and my wife is enamored with their edelweiss martini. I am more of a bone dry martini drinker, but I can't deny that they are delicious!

                                      NETTYS - had heard they were re-opening. Bummed that it will be an entirely new restaurant, because I really liked their food and atmosphere ... And whether you think Lucques and AOC are good resume pieces (personally I hated AOC and was luke warm about Lucques) its not like the person who "came from" there is somehow responsible for them being what they are. It's not like we would want to eat at the hip new tapas bar brought to you by the guy who scrubbed plates at The French Laundry and landscaper from Patina. Or would we?

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                                      1. re: coopy

                                        I've lived in Silver Lake 5 years, and most of the time I head outside the area to eat. Chichen Itza on 6th Street is one of my new favorites.

                                        The new El Casiero on Silver Lake Blvd. has also gotten good reviews here.

                                        Netty's is under construction to become Reservoir. The chef is Gloria Felix, formerly at Lucques & AOC and also the opening chef at Blairs (she hasn't been there in years, though). The website seems to promise wood-fired pizzas at Reservoir when it finally opens:

                                        1. re: bluemonster

                                          El Casiero? I'm pretty sure it was very negative.

                                          1. re: bluemonster

                                            El Casero on Silverlake is not new. Their signage might be, but the restaurant has been there since well before I moved in, which is going on 10 years ago.

                                            1. re: DanaB

                                              El Caserio opened a NEW location on Silverlake Blvd, last fall. The original one on Virgil, which has been there a long while, is still open as well.
                                              From what I have read the reviews have been semi- positive...

                                              1. re: LaLa Eat

                                                I was talking about the location of El Caserio that's on Virgil at the intersection of Silverlake Blvd/Beverly Blvd., which has been there for years. Where is the new one on Silverlake, that is not the one at the intersection of Silverlake and Virgil?

                                                  1. re: DanaB

                                                    How do you like the old El Caserio, at the triangular intersection on Virgil?

                                                    There's a new fancier location on Silverlake Blvd, which was reviewed in the LA times a few weeks back. Pricier and fancier.

                                          2. Gingergrass is good, but is very, very loud. Dusty's is overpriced and the last time we were there, the server "rounded off" the check amount when he brought our change. We were never able to resolve the matter to our satisfaction and will not go back there.

                                            1. in a pinch:
                                              blair's is nice, if not a bit pricey...

                                              cobras and matadors and malo are both fun and hip with ok food, not open air, but raucous & fun

                                              alcove is a great brunch spot