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May 6, 2007 08:42 AM

Sending a "Liquor Basket" from NYC?

Our very sweet cousin just drove 1.5 hours from his home on Staten Island to repair our door here in Flushing. He refused our money, even lunch. We would love to thank him for his kindness with a premium liquor basket of sorts- grey goose, dom, etc....all the stuff we know he likes.

I've googled a ton of places but know nothing of their reputations and was wondering if anyone could reccomend an excellent company that does this type of things out of NYC. Straight liquor would be best- no accompanying chocolates, chesses, crackers etc... We're looking to spend in the 250 to 300 dollar range.

Thanks So Much in Advance,

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  1. Try Sherry-Lehman. I use them every year for holiday gifts with good results. Their catalog is on line making things quick and easy.

    1. So you want a mixed case of wine or spirits delivered to Staten Island? Many NYC shops will do do not need a special company unless I am not understanding...

      Try North End in the Bronx or PJs and Garnet in Manhattan for some good prices...

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        Yeah, I'd just order exactly what you want from and check off the "gift box" option for each bottle (this works for wine, at least). If I were this person, I'd rather have a handful of quality bottles and no basket or other disguise!

        1. re: simetrias

          I am not sure that I would use Sherry. You can get better prices at other places mentioned above since you are asking about easy to find merchandise. North End often has coupons in the newspaper.

      2. Wouldn't pretty much any big liquor store on S.I. be able to do this?

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          Actually, no. I called three of them and none offered decorative wrapping/baskets/presentation etc. Just liquor delivered to your door. I ended up using Sherry Lehmann in the end and was quite pleased with how things turned out- excellent, courteous service and decent, though not the best, prices.

          Thanks to all who responded :)