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May 6, 2007 08:18 AM

favorite new restaurant last 3 months

let's hear. new restaurants on the scence you love......

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  1. Amalia, great food, service and atmosphere. I posted my dinner review a while back.

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      We rarely go to brandy new restaurants, preferring to wait and let them get any kinks out. But we went to Amalia on a Sunday evening (post-matinee) when it had only been open one week. Agree with you completely. Delicious food, excellent service, and jazzy decor.

    2. Insieme was really good. I also posted a review about 2 weeks ago.

      1. Dennis Foy. Excellent food, friendly people, servers that know what they are doing. Try the pear, cinnamon champagne cocktail..Sets the tone for the rest of the meal. Thinking about the fluke dish is making my mouth water. DO NOT SKIP DESSERT. One dessert is bettert than the other. My latest fav- roasted strawberrry shortcake.

        1. Blue Hill. Spring produce was a flavor symphony on my tastebuds!