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May 6, 2007 08:14 AM

How to clean a fine mesh chinois?

So my shiny new fine mesh chinois is currently soaking in a bucket of water while I try to figure out how to get all the bits of vegetable matter out of the mesh.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Soaking it has gotten some of the bits out, but by no means all.

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  1. The dirt got into the chinois from the inside, so it would be logical to remove it by flushing the particles from the outside with a strong stream of water. I would be hesitant to use a Brillo pad on fine mesh, but a 3M pad and/or a veggie brush can be used if you are gentle.

    1. I don't have a chinois (the conical shape, right?) but my fine mesh strainers clean fairly well with a soak followed by a scrubbing inside and out with a soapy fine bristle brush. The chinois might require a specially shaped brush--narrow at the tip? The tricky part for me is the ones which aren't a rolled edge, get fibers trapped between the lip and the mesh. These are really hard to dislodge, so I try to scrub from the inside, rinsing as much to the exterior of the strainer as possible before rinsing from the outside. Does that make sense? My last resort is a soak in bleach solution, but I don't think it's good for the long life of equipment.

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        The flushing method works very well if you have access to an outside hose bib, and a garden hose equipped with a shutoff valve. photo:

        1)Soak tool in water with a bit of baking powder for a few minutes to hydrate the veggie bits.

        2)Take it to an outside hose bib, turn on the hose valve, crank down the shutoff valve to BARELY open, and viola! a mini high-pressure sprayer!

        I've always used this method to get garden soil and food stains out from under fingernails, and it works like a charm on this kind of tricky kitchen implement cleaning as well.

      2. I put mine in the diswasher all the time. It works really well.