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May 6, 2007 08:12 AM

Boston-area knife store that carries Tojiro brand knives?

I'm considering purchasing a Tojiro-DP Gyutou (see it at, but want to handle it before I purchase (online, or elsewhere). Are there any knive shops or kitchen/restaurant supply stores that carry this brand in the Boston area?

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  1. Have you tried Kitchen Etc. on Newbury Street?

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    1. re: melodyrose

      Woops, that would be Kitchen Arts. I don't specifically recall seeing that brand there but a call couldn't hurt.
      Kitchen Arts. (617) 266-8701. 161 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02116

    2. I don't much like Kitchen Arts as they butchered one of my Global knives when they 'sharpened' it.

      Stoddard's is the other fine cutlery store in the Boston area, they have stores on Huntington Ave and in Chestnut Hill.

      There's also a kinfe store by Quincy Market which might be worth calling.

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      1. re: steinpilz

        Where exactly is the other Stoddard's? They have a store at the Chestnut Hill mall and they used to have one at Copley Place, but I think that one closed a while back--or did it move to another spot in the mall?

        1. re: DoubleMan

          Right now there is no "other" Stoddards, only the one in Chestnut Hill. They are looking for a downtown location but so far have not found a good fit.

      2. [UPDATE:] So fare, I've had *NO* luck finding Torijo's at:
        - Stoddard's (although they did say they could teach me to sharpen it if I brought it in),
        - Sur La Table,
        - Williams-Sonoma,
        - Crate & Barrel (who, I just learned, do let you return a new knife if it's only minimally used if you're not happy with it.)

        1. a few years ago there was a guy who retails japanese hand tools (runs a japanese carpentry school somewhere outside of boston) at the cambridge multicultural arts festival. he might know (and perhaps sell) something about japanese knives.