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Fixing a too-sweet barbecue sauce

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I took BBQ sauce out of the freezer; I can't recall what I used it for, but it is cloying and fruity as all get-out. (I think it's this: http://www.recipehound.com/Recipes/Re...) I'd like to do a lazy version of pulled pork -- letting it cook in BBQ sauce in the crockpot all day -- but I think if I don't modify this sauce it will be awful. Suggestions on what I can add?

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  1. I would use either a bit of vinegar or a combination of vinegar and hot peppers to taste.
    I like a lot of brown mustard powder for pulled pork BBQ sauces, but that may be too strong for some.

    1. You might find that diluting it with water and some vinegar will help balance it out. Cooking with the pork should also help knock down that cloying and fruity thing.

      1. I would add some beer, and maybe the juice from a jar of hot peppers.

        1. Sorry wasn't able to pull you link up. What are the fruity and sweet components?

          1. Apple cider vinegar is a great complement to pork and will help neutralize some sweetness. And I like mine spicy, so would throw some cayenne in it too.

            1. Beer would have been great, had I seen the message early enough. The recipe had all sorts of tropical fruit juices. I lucked out and found a jar of a really rich, spicy chipotle sauce in the back of the pantry. I tossed that in and it turned out quite delicious, thank goodness.

              1. Lemon juice and a bit of lemon zest is another alternative to the vinegar.