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May 6, 2007 07:35 AM

Landed reservations at babbo and what to order

I have landed reservatins at babbo for friday night and lupa for sat. night.....First, is that overkill in terms of eating the "same type twice" as opposed to trying something like Felidia, or eleven madison. second, if not...then what is must try and what to avoid...and to handle wine without getting out of control with bill.....thanks

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  1. Babbo:
    Wine...don't worry...they have 1/3 bottle tasters that you can pair with each course.
    You are probably looking at $150 in wine for three courses.
    My favorite dishes are the super light and clean calamari in tomato broth and the many great ones...beef cheek ravioli, mint love letters, oxtail nocci.

    Never been to Lupa but here it is fabulous. I do think the cuisine is quite you might consider changing a Lupa to something else.

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      thanks...was thinking of maybe felida as backup....

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        mint love letters are a must at babbo!!!

      2. Personally, I don't think it's overkill, but I'm a big fan of both restaurants. The one dish I could not bear to miss is the ricotta gnocchi with fennel sausage ragu at Lupa. Otherwise, I'd recommend trying as many pastas as you can at both!

        1. To me it seems a bit of overkill. Babbo is certainly worth keeping. I find Lupa overrated myself. Not that it isnt good, just not deserving of the hype it can get. And nothing special compared to Babbo. Italian two nights in a row with so many other styles of food in NY (assuming you're in town visiting?) is probably not the way to go. Felidia also being italian would probably also not be the way to go.

          I havent been to eleven madison but know its supposed to be great. And there are hundreds of other great choices if you skim through the Manhattan postings. If you are really wanting to sample more Mario, you might drop Lupa and go to Casa Mono, which he also owns. I preferred it, its spanish tapas.