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May 6, 2007 05:22 AM

Squire's Pub in Monmouth County

This is kind of a 'do you remember when' but as a kid, my favorite place to go out to eat with my family was a very traditional place called Squire's Pub. The prime rib, fried seafood, and veal parm was to die for, and it was very old-fashioned service--real baked bread, port wine cheese and crackers, dessert tray--the works. It was where Branches is now--anyone else remember this place?

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  1. I certainly remember Squire's Pub. (As an adult, not as a child.) We ate there a couple of times going back 15-20 years ago. Nice atmosphere. However, my memories of the food are quite different from yours. Mediocre. I place it in the same category as old-style restaurants like the still operational Buttonwood Manor, in Matawan, and the defunct Van's, in Freehold.

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      Well, I had a less sophisticated palate back then--I went ages 0-13! still it doesn't seem like many places do the full-on multiple courses service, from relish tray to dessert!

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        While it may not be sophisticated, I love places like this. Good, filling, and satisfying food. Any other places you'd reccomend for this type of food??

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          I don't recall the food however I did attend a few functions there.

    2. I remember it being a fancy diner type place. It was in business for many years.

      1. Hi, I have many fond memories of Squires from when I was a teenager and some that are not so great. They did let us order anything we wanted after our shift and we used to eat all the leftover hor devours and food from the buffets after the banquets. I started out as one of the "relish girls" and then became a waitress when I turned 18. Fun place to work, and a lot of really nice people.

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          Ha! I remember the relish tray--it's amazing how much food was served in that restaurant, and restaurants in general in the traditional style--bread, cheese and crackers, relish of cottage cheese and I think olives, plus fruit cup, soup, or tomato juice, salad, big dinner+starch and veg, followed by dessert tray.

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            Yeh, it was hard to "keep my figure" working there. Do you remember the 3 salad dressings they had in those metal servers? Blue cheese, Thousand Island and gorganzola and oil. So good and soooo fattening. One of my jobs was to fill them up before the parties. We used to dip the warm bread into the gorganzola, so yummy!! We would all pig out on chicken fingers, fries and pasta with pink sauce after our shifts and then snack on all the apps between trips in and out of the kitchen. I think I was twice the size I am now!

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              Yeah, even as a little kid, I remember the sheer amount of food--and delicious food was AMAZING! The gorgonzola cheese was like NOTHING I've eaten since--even at fine establishments. I always used to wonder what drug they put in it ;) Still I can credit it for making me an adventurous eater eating 'weird cheese' and salad as a kid.

              And the chicken fingers...ah...I think the battered mushrooms were pretty good too...

              Perhaps it's a good thing that it's closed, come to think of it, given that I'm in my thirties...