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May 6, 2007 03:56 AM

Margaux: Bistro Populaire in South Berwick

Has anyone tried this yet?

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  1. yes, I have. It's very small and like dining in a little house out on some country road in France. Very intimate and casual and the menu changes frequently. It's real bistro food, unfussy simple and good.

    1. My boyfriend & I went there a couple of nights ago. It was fabulous (as expected). We used to frequent Big Night in Dover so we knew it would be good. We started with the spicy artichoke heart & spinach dip ~ a dish that sounds routine but their preparation of it made it special. A hint of jalopeno gave it the right amount of spiciness. Also had the escargots au Pernod, which featured a nice broth. Both were accompanied by homemade bread (which ensured that we didn't waste anything!).

      We then shared two smaller plates ~ seared sea scallops and yellowfin tuna. Then we split the braised lamb shank. (Trust me: we know how to eat!) My boyfriend always tells me to remind him that he doesn't like lamb. He went out on a limb this time and agreed to get it. He wasn't disappointed! Tender, juicy lamb over a roasted shallot, carrot & baked polenta only made us crave more with each bite!

      I had the lemon cheesecake w/blueberries in raspberry sauce and he had the linzer torte (translation: raspberry pie) w/whipped cream for dessert. I was a little hesitant about foregoing something chocolate, but both desserts were fantastic.

      There were about 8 seats out on the porch (which has a stove to keep the room warm on colder nights), maybe another 8 seats inside, and 4 seats at the bar (due to size restrictions, the liquor selection is a bit limited). Appetizers and small plates range from 8.95 to 12.95. Entrees range from 18.95 to 23.95. Desserts range from 6.95 to 8.95. Wine selection was good and reasonably priced.

      A lot of times, we try a restaurant just to cross it off our list of places to try. In the case of Margaux, in the middle of our meal, we commented on how we can't wait to come back!

      1. We finally made it to Margaux and really liked it. The food and service is wonderful. The place is quite tiny, so reservations are highly recommended. One night I tried their version of penne Bolognese; on another we ate the duck confit and braised lamb shank. The two owners, Chris and Linda, run the place and are a lot of fun. This really is a gem in South Berwick; a town lucky to now have two great spots to eat: Pepperland Café and Margaux.